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Kevin | 16 May 2013 | 4 comments

User Facing: Desktop

  • Added a "Request split solution" option that gives the author of a forum post the ability to mark multiple comments as solutions to their problem. This feature also distributes the award points equally between the solution authors.
  • Added code that emails the author of a solution when their comment is marked as such.
  • Removed errant partner badges from posts made by Symantec employees.
  • Added a redemption option to the Rewards Catalog for (China).
  • Added a redemption option to the Rewards Catalog for (Japan).
  • Updated "Known Issue" posts that were tagged with "language = unknown" to be tagged with the appropriate language.
  • Fixed a few minor issues with the group notifications subscribe/unsubscribe checkbox on group home pages.
  • Fixed an issue with a blank first line in RSS feeds.
  • Fixed an issue...
Kimberley | 03 May 2013 | 1 comment

Want to receive Connect notificationsf in your Outlook RSS folder? It's a great way to find out what's new in the areas that interest you on the Connect site, without cluttering your Inbox with notifications. Just follow these few steps to get up and running with a Connect RSS feed in Microsoft Outlook:

Note: The RSS feed only captures new posts, not comments made.

1.       Go to Symantec Connect, and right-click on the RSS Feed orange logo at the level that you want to save your RSS (in this example, for all Cluster Server Forums) and click Copy Link Address.



2.       Go to MS Outlook, and right-click on RSS Feeds from your mailbox list.



Kevin | 01 May 2013 | 0 comments

User Facing: Desktop

  • Added a "My Notifications" link to the Account menu.
  • Updated private message notifications to include the title of the private message in the email subject line.
  • Added the ability for authors of Official Symantec Blogs to enable moderation on comments posted to their blogs.
  • Enhanced the parent/child group functionality to: (1) allow a child group to have different privacy settings than the parent group; and (2) allow the hiding of child groups from users who are not members of the parent group.
  • Improved the reward points transaction logs by adding better descriptions of (and hyperlinks to) the activities the user performed to earn the points.
  • Fixed an issue with an "updated" label being displayed on "new" posts.
  • Fixed an issue with Videos from the recent Vision conference not playing on Connect.

Admin Facing

  • Added the ability for our Group Admins to see...