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Kevin | 18 Sep 2013 | 1 comment

Updates deployed to the Connect production servers as a result of the code sprint that ended 17 September 2013.

User Facing: Desktop

  • Fixed an issue where the Search and the RSS Builder were returning a slightly different number of results from the same criteria.
  • Fixed an issue with blog posts that were hosting images with an ampersand (&) as part of the file name that was causing the image to not display in RSS feeds.

Admin Facing

  • Modified the system that imports user Certifications and Accreditations to allow for configurable email addresses. This gives us the ability to add or remove management who would like to be notified each time the import script completes.
  • Modified the group list (on the add/edit forms) to use a list box (when being...
CraigV | 10 Sep 2013 | 1 comment

There's nothing worse than having a forum query with little information provided. It means extra time taken to ask questions of the OP in order to crack open the required information in order to begin the troubleshooting process.

The easiest way around this is to tag the forum query correctly...and in doing so, you provide as much information as possible. This in itself is really easy to do, and taking the time when creating the query by providing the correct tags will save a lot of effort in trying to decipher the background information.

Information that should be selected must include:

1. Operating system on which product is running - self-explanatory!

2. Select one product (Required) - This is going to tell forumites what product you're using. But more importantly, selecting the version of the product, ie. Backup Exec 2012, is going to ensure that if you don't mention this bit of information in the initial...

Kevin | 04 Sep 2013 | 0 comments

Updates deployed to the Connect production servers as a result of the code sprint that ended 03 September 2013.

User Facing: Desktop

  • Changed the Quick Search in the Help Center to look for titles that "contain" a search term instead of titles that "begin with" a search term. This enhancement should make the Quick Search more useful to users.
  • Fixed a label in the Subscriptions UI that was listing one of the subscription types as, "not available".
  • Fixed a transient problem in forum list pages where the "I need a solution" text was displaying inline with the forum teaser text.
  • Fixed the sort order of blog names on the RSS-Builder.

Admin Facing

  • Created a new report that can be used to monitor voting...