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Kevin | 13 Nov 2013 | 3 comments

Updates deployed to the Connect production servers as a result of the code sprint that ended 12 November 2013.

User Facing: Desktop

  • Added a summary field to blogs so bloggers can summarize or introduce their blog post with a short synopsis that displays on list pages.
  • Modified the new "Was this helpful" widget to display the number of times an item has been marked as helpful.
  • Removed voting widgets from comments in forum sections of Connect.
  • Fixed an issue with the "STS Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 for Unix" not displaying on the profiles of users who had earned it.
  • Modified the new App Center video framework to support clickable thumbnail images.
  • Fixed an issue with "Helpful" scores on individual submissions not matching the same scores on content list pages.

Admin Facing

  • Created a group management wizard...
LeslieMiller | 04 Nov 2013 | 0 comments

Last week we released the new "Was This Helpful" feature in all of the discussion forums on Symantec Connect. At that time we removed the requirement that users be authenticated to vote on all content across the site. However, in the past several days we have seen an unnatural number of unauthenticated users voting "thumbs down" on content across the site, even if those negative votes were not warranted. In fact many of the most useful and viewed content on the site began receiving thumbs down votes in large volume. Unauthenticated users were almost exclusively voting negatively on content. This troll-like behavior began to be a problem when we were unable to accurately reflect the value of content across the site. Because of this behavior, we have taken two steps:

1. We have reinstated the authentication requirement for users to "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" content across the site.

2. We will be removing the thumbs up and...