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Kevin | 20 Feb 2013 | 1 comment

User Facing: Desktop

  • Added an RSS Wizard that lets users build an RSS URL that pulls targeted information from Connect based on community, content type, product and more. We've documented this new feature (for easy future reference) in the Connect FAQ.
  • Since the first question asked in reply to many forum posts is, "What operating system are you using?", we've added the ability to tag your forum post with a relevant operating system.
  • Added the ability for users to add a status message to their user profile page.
  • Fixed an issue in user Workspaces (Account -> My Workspace) so clicking the 'comments' tab will correctly display the comments you've posted.
  • Removed the phrase "I need a solution" from items that display on a user's activity feed (Account > My Profile)
  • Fixed an issue with translated titles on IT Trends...
Spencer Parkinson | 07 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

Redmond Magazine recently announced the winners of its 2013 Reader’s Choice “Best of the Best” Awards and Symantec came out on top, winning the highest number of awards for a single company this year.  Symantec was honored with 27 awards – 7 gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze – with great representation across our diverse portfolio of products.

Redmond Magazine’s 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards seeks to give the customers’ view of which non-Microsoft tools they prefer to configure, optimize, secure, manage and host Microsoft’s core products including Windows, SharePoint, System Server, Exchange, Active Directory and SQL Server. Surveys were sent out to thousands of readers, with responses collected and then examined by a team of experts for accuracy (vendors were not eligible to vote).

Included below is a...

Kevin | 23 Jan 2013 | 0 comments

User Facing: Desktop

  • Added intelligence to the content submission forms to auto-populate the product field if the user initiates a submission from within a product context -- from a product forum, for example.
  • Improved the behavior of the private message interface by having it return to the Message List screen (instead of the Create Message screen) after a new message is sent.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing forum posts -- in some edge cases -- to be tagged with more than one product (and display in more than one forum).
  • Improved the behavior of the newsletter subscription widget by displaying all newsletter choices by default instead of asking the user to click a button to display the hidden choices.
  • Improved the site registration form by rendering the list of Symantec products into two short-ish columns instead of one long column.
  • Fixed an issue with the activity feed filter drop-downs not loading...
Kevin | 10 Jan 2013 | 1 comment

User Facing: Desktop

  • Created a new tool that gives users the ability to generate a link to a filtered list page and share that link with their teams. The tool lets you generate links to download pages, for example, that are tagged with topic X and with topic Y. (You really have to try it to appreciate it.) We've added a link to the tool and some brief instructions to the Connect FAQ.
  • Added the ability for users who receive email notifications to click a link in their notification email and unsubscribe to future notifications that are related to the target thread.
  • Improved the language filter on blog listing pages so if the user changes the UI language, to Spanish for example, the list of blog posts will refresh to only show those posts in the Spanish language. Once the UI language is changed, if the user then wants to view the target blog's posts in another language, they can do so by...
Kevin | 27 Dec 2012 | 0 comments

User Facing: Desktop

  • Updated all create forms to include a link to the Community-Product map so content contributors can easily refer to the reference and (hopefully) submit their posts to the correct community.
  • Updated the "Author" filter on article list pages to only display authors who have published articles in the community being viewed. Users will no longer choose an author from a filter and get no results.
  • Fixed a problem with UI elements on machine translated versions of Japanese and Chinese Simplified articles not displaying in the proper language.
  • Added the ability for members of "Symantec IT Risk and Compliance Product Group" subgroups to subscribe to notifications of Control Compliance Connector status changes.
  • Removed the "All Time" label from the Trusted Advisor list widget based on user feedback that the label was confusing.
  • Changed the...
Spencer Parkinson | 03 Dec 2012 | 0 comments

Windows IT Pro (and sister publication DevPro) announced their 2012 Editor’s Best and Community Choice winners recently.  Symantec was honored with eight awards with great representation across our diverse portfolio of products.


Best Antivirus/Anti-Malware Product

Editors' Best                                       

Gold: Symantec Endpoint Protection


Kevin | 28 Nov 2012 | 0 comments

User Facing: Desktop

  • Added a "Language Translation" option that allows users to view a machine-translated version of any article in either French, German, Spanish, Japanese, or Simplified Chinese. Read more here:
  • Added code that flushes blog home pages from the Akamai caching servers when a new blog is posted that should be displayed on the home page.
  • Added an automated test for SymAccount outages. When the test discovers that SymAccount is down, a message is automatically displayed that explains the outage to users.
  • Updated collaborative articles code to properly display the list of users who contributed to a collaborative article.
  • Removed IT Trends feeds from non-trends pages.
  • Retooled Twitter feeds on Blog pages to support Twitter's new...
Kevin | 15 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

This morning, Symantec Connect users posted for the one millionth time to the vibrant social business network.

The site currently has more than 285,000 users of Symantec products that share their technical experiences and savvy.

Kevin | 14 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

User Facing: Desktop

  • Updated the list of groups available at the "Account > My Groups" area to hide groups where membership status is pending.
  • Fixed an issue with video pages displaying the video player when the video is a download and does not need a player.
  • Fixed the ability to sort lists of content by "Highest Score".
  • Updated the display of RSS feeds for groups so they display the group name in the RSS title.
  • Implemented an "advertising free" spell checker on content submission forms.
  • Fixed an issue reported when users attempted to preview an Article before posting.
  • Added Japanese and Simplified Chinese user interfaces to Connect.
  • Removed the "Store" menu from the main navigation when the UI language is switched to Japanese.
  • Added the ability to link IT Trends to blog posts via user submitted "free tags".
  • Removed more than 1,...
Kevin | 31 Oct 2012 | 0 comments

User Facing: Desktop

  • Modified our spam detection code so it would not allow spammers to avoid detection by successfully entering a word phrase (captcha).
  • Modified the permalinks on comments to include the more useful thread Title (instead of the comment timestamp) when bookmarking.
  • Changed the color of the thumbs down voting widget from green back to red.
  • Tested the content counter to ensure it would work after submissions hit the 1,000,000 mark.
  • Added image rotation to home page hero region.
  • Updated the blog list pages to display, by default, blogs in the user's currently selected language.
  • Fixed an issue in the user registration form that was pre-selecting the first options in each of the fields as default input. Selected options are now "Choose one" which should result in more accurate data collection.

Admin Facing

  • Created an admin tool that gives...