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Kevin | 20 Dec 2011 | 0 comments
  • Added an "Event Invitation Wizard" that gives creators of events (that are associated with a group) a tool to build -- and email -- HMTL invitations to members of their groups.
  • Fixed "Email Group Members" functionality to allow group admins to reach out, via email, to members of their groups.
  • Performance: Moved the loading of screencast help into ajax to lighten each page load.
  • Added a global footer menu to help users quickly find support and product resources.
  • Added global block to the top of the right column that includes links to popular resources.
  • Added bridge pages to offerings in Symantec's Small Business store.
  • Resolved an issue with the calendars in various parts of the site not rendering.
  • Fixed the rendering of the tool used to attach files to comments.
  • Updated Omniture tracking code.
  • Changed awarding of user points on profile completion to legacy users only.
  • Fixed...
Kevin | 08 Dec 2011 | 0 comments
  • Added code that emails a group manager when a member opts to leave their group. (If you manage a group, you can opt-in to these notifications by editing your group page and checking the "Notify me via email when a member leaves this group" checkbox under the "Group Owner Notification" heading near the top of the edit form.)
  • Standardized the pager links at bottom of forum list pages with pager links at bottom of other list pages (articles, downloads, ideas) on the site.
  • Refactored the taxonomy filters to leverage the SOLR engine for improved performance.
  • Removed a depreciated content type (promotions).
  • Fixed the non-functional "items per page" drop down on non-forum utility pages.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing users without a positive points balance to place orders in the /rewards catalog.
  • Fixed an issue with unusual redirection that was happening when a user clicked links on another user...
Kevin | 28 Nov 2011 | 0 comments

General Enhancements:

  • Refactored image upload process to make including uploaded images in posts more intuitive.
  • Added functionality that will send an email to the appropriate Symantec Technical Support Engineer (TSE) when a forum post is flagged (by a Community Manager or a Trusted Advisor as being "escalated to support". In the past, these posts were simply posted to a list of issues that the TSEs could check at their leisure.
  • Fixed an issue with the image browser that was keeping it from displaying thumbnail images in the tool that helps users include images in their posts.
  • Fixed a database issue with some public posts that were displaying the private flag. Added code to prevent future occurrences.
  • Fixed an issue with the Screencast help files not having titles that users could click on to view the help video in question.
  • Removed the link to the deprecated group notifications screen on the user profile...
Kevin | 08 Nov 2011 | 0 comments
  • Added support for "subgroups". Some Connect groups have grown to the point where they would like to start spawning "subgroups" for their members who want to organize around a special interest that is related to the parent organization but may not be of interest to all members of the parent group. Users who join a subgroup are automatically added as members of the parent group. Users who leave a parent group are automatically removed from child groups.
  • Added a "Company Information" section to the user profile page. Also started a promotion that will award 25 Reward Points to users who complete the Company Information section of their profile before December 31, 2011.
  • Added the ability to filter activity feeds on group pages by topic.
  • Fixed an issue with group email functionality that was not allowing group owners to send email blasts to members of their groups.
  • To improve performance, added a limit to the number...
Kevin | 25 Oct 2011 | 0 comments
  • Enhanced the notifications system to include more specific explanations regarding why users receive each message in their email digest. Each explanation is followed by a link to the subscription in question so they can more easily make modifications to their personal subscription choices.
  • Automated the process whereby ParterNet members who are also STEP technology partners are automatically added to a group tailored to their specific interests.
  • Completed migration of SSIM (Symantec Security Information Manager) content from the "SymIQ for Partners" system to Connect.
  • Tweaked code that displays promotions to allow targeted (per product) promotions to be posted.
  • Cleaned up bad (imported) data that was discovered in the locales_source (translation) table.
  • Fixed a code regression that was causing the /connect/calendar/ to fail.
Kevin | 11 Oct 2011 | 2 comments
  • At the request of some internal Symantec groups, we modified the behavior of notifications system that will account for a user who posts content, forgets to tag it for a group, and then circles back to associate the post with a group. The default behavior was for no "makeup" notification to be sent when a submission is edited to add group associations. The new behavior is for email notifications to go out to members of the group that the content is associated with on edit.
  • Fixed an issue where posts that were marked as private and assigned to a group were being saved as public.
  • Changed the default groups collector page (/connect/groups) to list North American groups by default.
  • Added code that limits a group owner's ability to make potentially dangerous configuration changes to their group settings.
  • Fixed a problem with auto-expiration of reward points after 1-year of inactivity. In some edge cases, points were not auto-...
Kevin | 07 Oct 2011 | 3 comments

We are re-indexing the Connect site this evening to implement a few code updates.

Until the re-indexing completes, new posts will not show up on forum list pages.

We expect the process to be finished in approximately 14 hours.

Thank you for your patience.


Kevin | 27 Sep 2011 | 1 comment
  • Changed the default workflow state in the Draft Workflow from "Save Draft" to "Publish" since many users were accidentally saving drafts and then writing us to see what we had done with their submission(s). The default workflow state is now "Published". If a user wants to save a draft, they can click the "Save Draft" radio button.
  • Added the ability for user groups to add a Twitter feed to their group home page.
  • Fixed an issue that forced users to re-enter search criteria when they switched between a content search and a user search.
  • Cleaned up some errors that were introduced when the user accreditation badge and profile section was added.
  • Made display of "Private" label consistent between forum list pages and other content types.
  • Improved language handling capabilities of group membership request forms.
  • Improved language negotiation handling when a page is available in...
Kevin | 14 Sep 2011 | 1 comment
  • Added workflow to content submission process. This gives authors the ability to save drafts of their submissions and post them at a later date.
  • Fixed an issue where the cache key for the "Can you solve these?" blocks was not language aware. This resulted in the link lists being cached (and displayed) in a language that did not match the rest of the page.
  • Fixed an issue with the iCal export links on events setting the incorrect time to user's calendars.
  • Fixed an issue where bookmarks to specific product tags in the Ideas section were not working.
  • Added code that will allow us to track the number of submissions that are not in English and how much traffic those submissions are seeing.
  • Added a default image for new groups who do not have an image to upload.
Kevin | 30 Aug 2011 | 8 comments
  • In an effort to display solvable problems in the "Can you solve these" list, we've added a new field to the forum submission form that asks the submitter if their submission is solvable or if it's simply informational.
  • Fixed an issue with user group admins not being able to add users to their groups.
  • Removed the right sidebar from blog edit pages to give bloggers a cleaner space to edit their posts.
  • Added description information to page meta to improve SEO.
  • Fixed an issue with links on group home pages opening in the image viewer.
  • Fixed an issue where switching to a different language would send the user to an unexpected target page.
  • Fixed an issue where links to public (but hidden) groups were showing up on the groups list pages.
  • Upgraded Forward module to 6.x-1.20 (Security update)
  • Added an "average time to solution" component to the Forums Report.
  • Added an index that the SymWise project can...