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Blake M | 07 Oct 2010 | 0 comments

Is freeware really free?  That is the question small businesses should be asking when it comes to protecting their customer and other proprietary information, such as bank and credit card account details.

Small businesses are looking for the best deal in security software due to tight budgets.  We’re all looking for ways to do more with less.  However, how does a small business owner explain to a customer that their personal data was breached due to the fact that the “free” security solution that the business installed didn’t protect them against the latest threat?

The best analogy I have heard in the “to use or not to use freeware” debate is from Symantec’s Janice Chaffin.  Chaffin recently said, “Free AV is very basic.  It's like wearing a light windbreaker in...

Hear4U | 21 Sep 2010 | 0 comments

“It can’t happen to me”

Hunters and gatherers. Most people think of cybercrime against business to be the work of hunters such as cybercriminals who target then infiltrate a company to steal from it. Reading the newspaper, it’s easy to convince yourself that these hunters are after big game and a small business does not have to worry about these targeted attacks. Maybe; however, we’ll talk more about that later. The majority of cybercriminals can best be described as gatherers. They throw wide nets and take advantage of whatever victims land in those nets. Small businesses really must watch out for the gatherers.

Because the barrier of entry is low, there are many gatherers. A gatherer doesn’t have to be a criminal genius. They don’t even need advanced computer skills. They really don’t need to know much at all—except where to buy a toolkit. Toolkits allow criminals with limited skills...

Hear4U | 30 Aug 2010 | 0 comments

Regardless of the size of your business, if you’re a Windows shop, it’s just a matter of time before you migrate to Windows 7. And while it’s good practice to think positively about the inevitable, you’re probably already thinking about how migrating to a new operating system is disruptive. Even so, if you’re prepared, migration doesn’t have to be painful. Nor does it have to have a negative short-term impact on your business.

At the beginning of the year we published our first issue of The Confident SMB, which included an assessment of how businesses can turn a migration into a transformation. As the year moves forward, more and more people have made that transformation. In fact, by the end of 2010, 19 percent of the global IT workforce will be working with Windows 7. ¹

Consider that a Windows 7 migration is a unique...

Blake M | 25 Aug 2010 | 0 comments

It’s that time of year again—the time when college seniors hang up their backpacks in exchange for briefcases to hit the pavement in search of jobs in the “real world”. And with 1.6 million men and women with bachelor’s degrees entering the workforce this year, chances are you’ll see some of them knocking on your door with resume in-hand.

The majority of these grads are leaving college with a marketable skill that they didn’t get from writing a term paper or listening to a lecture. In fact, they probably didn’t realize they were gaining a skill at all. With all the time they spent tweeting, writing blogs and creating fan pages, these students gained first-hand knowledge of the ins-and-outs of social networking, which your small business can use to its advantage.

However, the fact that these recent grads are familiar with these sites for their own socializing doesn’t mean it’s time to turn them loose on the...

Blake M | 27 May 2010 | 0 comments

In conjunction with Small Business Week, Symantec is expanding its SMB Information Protection portfolio to help its small business customers secure and protect their most valuable business information completely and cost-effectively.

In addition to the benefits the Suite provides, the tips below can help small businesses ensure they are protecting endpoints and messaging as well as protecting systems and data.

1. The front door is locked – what about the company information?  
As a rule, SMBs always make sure their business is locked and secure before they leave. What about company information? SMBs must implement an integrated security and backup solution to ensure proprietary information is safe – especially bank and credit card information. One data breach could mean financial ruin for an SMB, which can easily be prevented by...

Ann Marie | 10 May 2010 | 2 comments

Did you know Symantec has products specifically designed for small business that focus on ease of use and ease of management?

We offer security, backup, imaging and deployment products that are ideal for customers with less complex IT infrastructures. These solutions are easy to install and come with preconfigured settings so that even users with no IT staff at hand can get up and running quickly to avoid any business down time.  Symantec is  on the forefront of offering these types of solutions as standalone products as well as in all in one suites giving businesses the peace of mind they need to focus on running their business

Click here to see what your peers are saying about Symantec’s small business products  and stay tuned for some exciting new releases in the upcoming months.

Nimesh Vakharia | 05 Feb 2010 | 0 comments

In Small Business environments the "IT administrator" often wears many hats from Desktop, Network, Security, Backup and the list goes on and on. In other cases the IT administrator is actually the operations or support manager or even better the CEO of the company. I think all companies should sincerely spend IT Admin Appreciation day July 30th this year ( appreciating the IT admins contribution to the business. 

 But I digress. So, recognizing how overburdened IT Administrators are, SEP SBE 12.0 was designed to reduce the day to day overhead of the administrator. Rather than logging into the management console to get security status information, the product is designed to contact the administrator and report on issues and problems periodically.

 So how does that work?

This is primarily done through...

Hear4U | 02 Feb 2010 | 0 comments

Are you a small or medium sized business looking for an endpoint protection solution for your network?  We'd like to invite you to read about our "20-Minute Challenge" and give us your feedback here!

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[Quoted from ChannelWeb]
When Symantec released its Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition, it made much of the fact that solution providers should be able to fully deploy the software for their customers in 20 minutes.

That's a fair enough aim. For small businesses to a) get the most out of a network security...