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Symantec Security Response | 14 Nov 2012 | 0 comments

Cybercriminals have for some time now recognized that ransomware can be a highly profitable endeavor. This has led to a significant increase of different ransomware in the wild with no sign of it leaving the threat landscape anytime soon.

So, how effective is ransomware on Windows 8 compared to other operating systems? To answer this question, Symantec ran several prevalent ransomware samples currently found in the wild in a default Windows 8 environment. While some samples ran poorly on Windows 8, it did not take long to find a ransomware variant (Trojan.Ransomlock.U) that successfully locked a Windows 8 system, effectively holding it to ransom.

Figure. Ransomware-locked Windows 8 system...

Chris Halcon | 23 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

This blog was written by Jordan Usdan, Director of Public and Private Initiatives, FCC and originally posted on the FFC website

Small businesses are more dependent on the Internet than ever before, but 83 percent don’t have a formal cybersecurity plan to protect against cyber threats.[1]  As larger companies improve cyber defenses, American small businesses are now more vulnerable targets.  According to Symantec, they were subject to hundreds of millions of cyber threats in just the first few months of 2012.[2]  A typical cyber-attack can cost a business on average, close to $200,000 – enough to put many of them out of business.[3]

This week, the FCC is re-launching the Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0, an online resource to help small businesses create...

khaley | 17 Oct 2012 | 0 comments

By visiting which type of website are you more likely to get infected with malware?  A religious site or an adult site?  I’ve been asking that question to computer security professionals for almost a year now.  If you’ve read the Internet Security Threat report version 17 you know the answer. It’s religious sites.  We discovered that a higher percentage of religious sites have been hacked into and loaded up with malware by the bad guys than adult sites.                                                                     

I like to quiz people on this one, because it doesn’t meet expectations.  Some people sense a set up in the question, but most answer that you’...

Chris Halcon | 04 Oct 2012 | 0 comments

For nearly 10 years at Symantec, Jay Epton has been successful in various UK and European channel-focused roles at Symantec. In 2011, Jay took on the responsibility for Symantec’s MSP strategy in EMEA and now leads the SMB and Distribution Business in the UK & Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Over the past year, he has led continued and impressive growth of Symantec’s MSP partner program in EMEA and is on target to continue this trend into 2013. It’s leaders like Jay who have are being recognized as part of the fifth annual MSPmentor 250 list.  

The fifth annual MSPmentor 250 report is...

andysinger | 25 Sep 2012 | 0 comments

Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013 Is Here

We listened and it’s here; Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013 is available and ready to protect your businesses’ most critical asset –information.  We’ve simplified information protection with this new product built specifically for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB). Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013 gives you choice in deployment options, all in one product.  The solution can be deployed as a cloud-managed service or using our cloud-ready on-premise management option that makes it easy for an SMB to move to the cloud at a later date.  The new service installs in just minutes and also features enhancements to meet the system needs and security challenges you face today including support for Windows® 8 and new USB device control.

Bare Minimum Security No Longer an Option...

Symantec Security Response | 06 Sep 2012 | 0 comments

In July, Symantec reported that targeted attacks against SMBs had more than doubled since the beginning of the year. While the cause of this increase isn’t completely known, it is likely based on the perception that small businesses are an easier point of entry for an attacker into an industry. Given that many SMBs don’t have commercial-grade security, these small businesses could be seen as a weaker link or stepping stone in the supply chain. New data from Symantec security response seems to support this idea.

In 2009, we saw the start of high profile attacks by a group using the Hydraq (Aurora) Trojan horse. We've been monitoring the attacking group's activities for the last three years as they've consistently targeted a number of industries. These attackers...

Grant M | 28 Aug 2012 | 0 comments


The IT-related challenges small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face can be very different than those of enterprises.  SMB owners are likely juggling multiple roles as business owner and manager, lawyer, accountant, IT manager and HR manager.  And if an SMB is lucky enough to have dedicated IT staff, they also tend to be stretched pretty thin.

Last fall, we began a variety of SMB-specific initiatives, led by our dedicated SMB team, to help SMBs safeguard their information by providing 360 degrees of protection — from Web browsing and online transactions, to email and collaboration, to backup and recovery.  Our SMB customers are looking for speed, ease of deployment and a simple and easy user experience when selecting solutions to safeguard their information.  We’ve taken quite a few steps to develop products with these features top-of-mind,...

Steve Cullen | 13 Aug 2012 | 0 comments

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape of mobile devices, virtualization, and more data than ever, SMBs need information protection to be easy. Symantec understands the challenges that SMBs face and we are dedicated to removing the complexities of information technology so that they can focus on what they do best.

We are on a mission to create offerings that are fast, simple to deploy and use, are cost-effective, and provide the best customer experience possible. As we work towards that goal, we’re not only providing the best solutions for businesses, but also sharing knowledge that helps them achieve success. Being named as one of the Top 100 Champions in the 2012 Small Business Influencer Awards demonstrates our commitment to small businesses.  


Chris Halcon | 24 Jul 2012 | 0 comments

The number of targeted attacks against SMBs has more than doubled in the last six months. This alarming new statistic combined with the fact that many SMBs are unaware of the threat was the key driver behind our latest SMB Twitter chat.

Last week, Symantec’s SMB security experts, Kevin Haley and Andy Singer, engaged with Small Business Trends’ Editor-in-Chief Anita Campbell for a Twitter chat about targeted attacks and SMBs. The chat covered a variety of topics including the likelihood of an attack, common types of attacks and how to mitigate threats.

The chat drew more than 100 participants which included SMB owners and thought leaders who discussed the current threat landscape for SMBs. The chat produced more than 800 Tweets and for the first time since we started holding SMB chats, the hashtag #SMBchat...

Grant M | 16 Jul 2012 | 1 comment

Coming off a nearly week-long outage in the Northeast that left more than 2 million households/businesses without power, disaster preparedness is certainly top-of-mind for individuals and business owners. Just recently, I read about the 10 states most at risk for a disaster, as identified by, and interestingly the seven states suffering this latest disaster did not make the top 10.

It goes to show that no matter where you are, as a small business owner you need to be prepared. After all, downtime equals lost business – 29 percent of small businesses lost revenue and 52 percent lost productivity due to a typical outage, according to Symantec’s 2012 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey. As a small business, this is a risk you can’t afford to take.