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Eileen | 14 Apr 2010 | 0 comments

Another great day of Vision video coverage to bring your way.  Not only have we captured the keynote sessions, but the team has been interviewing and vlogging (video blogging) behind the scenes. 

My personal favorites are the Share your Vision videos.  I really enjoy seeing what attendees are saying about Vision 2010.  So, take a peek and be sure to let me know what videos you liked and didn't like, so we can do an even better job next year.

Vision 2010 Keynote - Day Two

Day two at Vision keeps rolling with Steve Morton, Larry Clinton, Francis deSouza, Dr. Joseph Reger (Fujitsu), and Mark Bergman.

Man on the Street
Vision 2010 - Man on the Street - Day One

Share your Vision...

Jessica Johannes | 14 Apr 2010 | 0 comments

At Vision 2010, we’ve talked a lot about new technologies to help our customers secure and manage information from a growing number of risks and increasing number of threats.  During the Innovation Showcase at Vision, we discussed our customer-centric approach to innovation and also shared a sneak peak at an innovative research prototype from Symantec Research Labs(SRL) that is designed to help wireless carriers secure and mange information on their networks.  
With the growth in adoption of mobile devices, specifically smartphones, wireless carriers are exposed to new risks and are looking for ways to keep their networks secure for end-users. The premise of the Symantec Mobile Reputation Security (SMRS) prototype is to provide effective security and remediation capabilities on the smartphone.  SMRS takes the existing...

ach167 | 14 Apr 2010 | 0 comments

We're well into day 2 at Vision and getting closer to information overload.  If you haven't already, stop by booth 21 to see Dorado Software.  If there's still room in your brain for more info you need to learn how to see the whole picture... solve problems faster.     The Redcell Integration Component does make the problem solving faster.  And who doesn't want that!?!  Key features include:

Auto Discovery
Network Topology
OS Deployment

All in a virtualized environment! 

And if you are already in the information overload stage then at least stop by to pick...

.peter | 14 Apr 2010 | 3 comments

Unfortunately I'm not eligible to win an ipad, but I couldn't resist sharing a few of my favorite parts of Vision.  At the trusted advisor dinner on Monday night Ian waxed eloquent about a certain snack cake found only in the UK that apparently is responsible for 85% of his daily diet.  While wikipedia offered a decent explanation of the Jaffa Cake, Ian graciously donated a couple of boxes from his private stash for us to sample.  

After tasting this imported treat I can't say that I'm ready to replace hostess cupcakes at the top of my guilty pleasures list, but it certainly is worth a taste.  If you're up near the internet...

dfong | 14 Apr 2010 | 0 comments

Great use of time with time with the hands-on lab for EV's Virtual Vault - thanks EV team for putting together a very complete demo!  Good way to fix the "forwarding of shortcut to others" issue.

BandL | 14 Apr 2010 | 0 comments

When mulling over a data center asset management system that uses RFID technology, one of the first things to consider is what flavor of tag to use. The technology underpinning both active and passive tags has advanced significantly in recent times and sussing out the capabilities of each tag type will help you pick the one that's right for you.

Active tags have a power supply so their signals are stronger than their passive cousin's. It also means they're constantly emitting a signal. That makes them easier to find than passive tags which must be in close proximity to an RFID reader before revealing their presence.

Moreover, because an active tag's signal is stronger, it can often surmount any local electromagnetic interference that would mask the signal from a passive tag. Because of that, any tagging projects that involved metal required the use of active tags. That...

Jerry Gowen | 14 Apr 2010 | 0 comments

At our 2010 Vision Conference in Las Vegas this week customers continue to share the intense pressure they are under to better manage their existing resources and thereby cut down on storage spend. In an effort to empower these customers, on Wednesday Symantec announced enhancements to Veritas Storage Foundation that will help to alleviate some of the pain. Enterprises can now automate their storage optimization in thin environments with Symantec’s unique approach to leveraging thin provisioning technology.

Even more exciting are all the array vendors who are lined up to support Symantec's approach to thin provisioning. Symantec partners 3PAR, Compellent, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, IBM and NetApp are all on board and have recently added support for Symantec's industry standard Thin Reclamation API that was announced last year. Check out Wednesday's...

MBHarmon | 14 Apr 2010 | 15 comments
There is a legend of seven warriors.  They stood up together to represent their homeland, of the City of Kansas, in a grand challenge of skill, strength and intelligence.  A number of warriors came from across the world to compete in this grand challenge. 

Each group assembled stood together to face the challenges in front of them.  Though a number would compete in the first round only 8 would advance.

Each challenge began with a series of questions that the judges watched over.  During the each challenge the warriors that were gathered from around the world raced to answer their questions as quickly as they could so they might face their true task. 
During the first challenge each team was forced to do battle with a creature floating in the waters that filled the center of the proving grounds.   The floating beast disguised itself as land so that normally it...
gravesg | 14 Apr 2010 | 0 comments

My favorite parts of Symantec Vision 2010 is the atmosphere.  Vision and the former ManageFusion confrences, have a relaxed feel like no other conference.  Whether it's the User Group Challenge, the Partner Expo, the Break-out Sessions, or the availability of "one-on-ones;" you'll always find a friendly, interactive, and relaxed atmosphere for learning and fun! Thank you for everything Symantec . Cheers!

LeslieMiller | 14 Apr 2010 | 2 comments

Winners of the 5th Annual User Group Challenge:
1st Place:         Kansas City - Larry Thoele, Matt Harmon, Jeremy Lindsey, Chris Nick, Dino Ingram, Caley Woods & Ziggy Jarczyk
2nd Place:         St Louis - Kyle Schroeder, Patricia Roe, Ian Atkin, & Ryan Tyler
3rd Place:         Tennessee - Geoffrey Graves & Ray Craven

The hot prize of the night at the Take Control Tuesday Party seemed to be various flavors of iPods! Many Vision attendees will be groovin’ to tunes with their winnings, with additional gadgets being raffled off, as well:

  • iPod Nano from the Symantec Endpoint Virtualization Team         Billy S.
  • iPod Touch from Symantec NetBackup Group    ...