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Bob Angus | 17 Nov 2008 | 2 comments

VeriSign has just launched a new solution that helps both merchants and consumers get the most out of Yahoo! Shopping and shopping comparison sites like it... the VeriSign Verified Seal for Comparison Shopping.
VeriSign Verified Seal.gifConsumers turn to comparison shopping engines to help find the best deal. Even during tough economic times, the best deal is not always just the lowest price. Fundamentally, people do not make the decision to buy on price alone. Plus, one is often faced with search results that return a multitude of offers that look virtually the same. It is not always easy to make a choice....

Bob Angus | 07 Nov 2008 | 0 comments

Mary Meeker, famed Internet analyst for Morgan Stanley, delivered a powerful presentation on Technology/Internet Trends at this week's Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. While she kicked off with a vivid depiction of just how brutal the economy is right now, Mary detailed several key trends that should provide accelerated success once the world breaks out of its recessionary doldrums. Good news for you in ecommerce. She sees room for growth in online retail and tells us why.

Consumers need value more than ever

The key catalyst for online shopping is of course the consumer. Right now, most everyone is tightening their belts and that certainly pressures the retail sales - online and offline. However, one should look at how the tough times impact purchase behaviors rather than just focus on the shrinking wallet size. There is huge opportunity to provide unique value and to establish...

Bob Angus | 01 Oct 2008 | 0 comments

The second annual Online Market World ecommerce conference starts today at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This show should be great. Tons of great sessions, speakers, and exhibitors. Of course, VeriSign will be there in force to help you learn how to increase your conversion rates by instilling trust in customers.

Make sure to see Tim Callan at one of the Online Market World Super Sessions. Maximizing Online Transactions Through Trust Indicators kicks off today (Wednesday October 1) at 12:15pm in Room 2010. As the session title indicates, you will learn how to use trust indicators to create an optimal customer experience and to fend of the negative elements that can erode consumer confidence when buying online. Be there.

There is also a Risk Management track of conference sessions on Thursday. VeriSign will also be...

Bob Angus | 26 Sep 2008 | 1 comment

The concept of developing customer segments and personas is a well-known marketing practice. You ability to know who your different customers segments are, what they like/dislike, where they are, and how they transact is critical to successfully selling anything. This week I would like share with you some great articles that provide great actionable advice based on good customer segmentation.

Optimizing Product Reviews for Different Buyer Personalities
This post by Linda Bustos of Get Elastic takes a look at 4 major customer segments - competitive shoppers, spontaneous shoppers, methodical shoppers, and humanistic shoppers. Based on each type of shopper and their characteristics, Linda offers excellent examples of how you can capture their attention, interest and desire with customer reviews. The end result is that they're more
likely to buy...

Bob Angus | 22 Sep 2008 | 1 comment

At, I attended an instant impact, high value session called "24+ Specific Things You Can Do to Make More Money Next Week." The presentation was a high energy blitz of simple tactics that any ecommerce site could kickoff immediately. Presenting these actionable tactics were 8 well-known internet marketers and the topics ranged from SEO to feed optimization to social media. I'd like to highlight 3 of the tactics discussed that I feel can really help you make more money right away.

Site search results should never be null

What results show up on your site when a visitor searches for "Sarah Palin"? If you said nothing, you may be losing out on some easy sales. Sheldon Gilbert of Proclivity Systems had a great tip to improve your sales when someone searches your site.

Ecommerce sites should have their null search results (tech speak for no matches) display sale items or top-selling products....

Bob Angus | 12 Sep 2008 | 0 comments

Thank you for stopping by The Ecommerce Evangelist Blog! I am thrilled about this opportunity to share something that we are passionate about here at VeriSign... buying and selling stuff online.

What?! You thought I would say "protecting your data" or "securing the Internet," didn't you? Sure, VeriSign is the security experts that are a critical foundation of every single transaction that happens on the Internet. For the cutting edge commentary on security, I recommend that you check out Tim, Fran, and Branden and the other VeriSign blogs.

The Ecommerce Evangelist is about what our customers do.

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