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Tim Callan | 23 Oct 2006 | 0 comments

In case you missed the big news, Internet Exporer 7 is out of release candidates and available for public download. I'll remind you that probably the biggest driver behind this release was the need for enhanced security, and security is what SSL is all about. To quote IE7's description on the Microsoft site,

Internet Explorer 7 provides security through a robust new architecture, security features that help defend against malicious software (also known as malware), and new ways to better protect against the theft of personal data from fraudulent websites, a practice known as phishing.

And of course, that's why we've been working so hard to bring you Extended Validation SSL...

Tim Callan | 17 Oct 2006 | 0 comments

This time I'm talking about common questions about our GeoTrust acquisition that will be of interest to SSL resellers.

Tim Callan | 16 Oct 2006 | 0 comments

I've written in the past about online logins that fail to use SSL. In that case I was talking about sites that don't use SSL at all when you log in. Certainly that's a problem, as I've explained previously on this blog. Today I want to talk about a related problem, which is sites that don't actually initiate the SSL session until you already have typed in your login information and hit Submit.

Tim Callan | 14 Oct 2006 | 0 comments

I will be speaking at the RSA Security Conference in Nice on the subject of Extended Validation (AKA High Assurance) SSL Certificates and how they fit into an enterprise's mutual authentication strategy. It's at 11:00 am on Tuesday, October 24. The title is "Achieving Trust through Mutual Authentication." If you're attending RSA in France this year, make sure you don't miss this talk.

Or, if you prefer, there's another interesting session at the exact same time. "Raising the Bar: The Impact of New High Assurance SSL Standards and Browsers." This session is a panel discussion that also covers Extended Validation certificates and includes speakers from VeriSign and...

Tim Callan | 12 Oct 2006 | 0 comments

From Saturday morning cartoons? Well, it turns out McGruff is back in a new cyber-dog form. In particular he's leading a new consumer education initiative around being safe online. There's a really cool online safety Web site and contributions from various sponsors including CNET, Comcast, Intel, McAfee, USA Today, and of course VeriSign. The program includes information for a variety of users, and as you might expect, home and family usage is a big part of what it's all about. Check out the site for lots of useful online safety tips and in general because it's a good initiative that deserves...

Tim Callan | 09 Oct 2006 | 0 comments

Here are some more questions we've gotten concerning our acquisition of GeoTrust.

Tim Callan | 02 Oct 2006 | 0 comments

I've written in the past about the criteria for a successful online authentication solution. So I was interested when E-Commerce Times published this article on security for confidential data. In particular, I noticed echoes of the criteria stated on this blog.

Tim Callan | 29 Sep 2006 | 0 comments

I'll remind you that VeriSign announced its intent to acquire GeoTrust on May 17, 2006 and completed the acquisition on September 5, 2006. Since then the two companies have gotten a lot of questions from customers and others. Here are some of the more common ones:

Tim Callan | 26 Sep 2006 | 0 comments

I've written quite a bit on this blog about what has carried the code name High Assurance SSL Certificates. Well, the industry consortium creating the new standard has decided on an official name for them, which is Extended Validation. So when you see me writing about Extended Validation or EV SSL Certificates - or when you see these terms in the press or on a company's Web site - we're referring to what up to now has been referred to as High Assurance.

Tim Callan | 21 Sep 2006 | 0 comments

Here's an interesting blog entry getting under the covers of a recent phishing attack. For anyone who's interested in the subject, it's a worthwhile read.