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Tim Callan | 24 Feb 2008 | 0 comments

Regular readers of The SSL Blog are aware that several online businesses have measured the degree to which transactions increase when an EV SSL Certificate is available on a site. Online retailing giant has measured the results, as has debt consolidation site

The latest to join the list is online copy editing service Scribendi. Scribendi will provide copy editing services to your manuscripts completely over the Web. The company has been doing its business on the Web for over a decade and...

Tim Callan | 21 Feb 2008 | 0 comments

First big development. Firefox 3 in out in beta 3. And it has Extended Validation support.

Like Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3 includes a green-colored bar at the top of the chrome that displays when accessing a site with an EV SSL Certificate. This green bar sits adjacent to the URL and contains the name of the organization and the country. There certainly are some cosmetic differences, like the fact that the organization name is to the left of the domain address in Firefox and to the right in IE7. In the grand scheme of things I don't view these differences as important.

As Firefox moves into release, you can expect me to track milestones and adoption for this browser, just as I have for IE7 and will for any other significant browser that comes out with EV...

Tim Callan | 29 Jan 2008 | 0 comments

Regular readers of the SSL Blog will remember that online tax filing has emerged as a significant phishing target. Well, one forward-looking tax filing site, FileYourTaxes, has displayed the leadership to deploy Extended Validation SSL Certificates to give its visitors the tools to ensure they're not the victims of phishing attacks.

Here is a press release on FileYourTaxes and VeriSign EV SSL.

Tim Callan | 10 Jan 2008 | 0 comments

They dress in green, and now their Web site does too. That's right, the Girl Scouts are using Extended Validation SSL. In fact, when you go to make a donation to the Girl Scouts, the page contains this explanation:

You are visiting a Web page secured with Extended Validation (EV) SSL, the highest standard in the Internet security industry for Web site identity authentication.

And just in time for cookie season.

Tim Callan | 28 Dec 2007 | 0 comments

If your sites uses Extended Validation SSL Certificates, VeriSign has published a great new resource for you to maximize the value of your decision. By adding EV to your site, you have the opportunity to increase your site visitors' confidence and therefore increase transactions. And you have the ability to foil the efforts of online criminals who are posing as you to exploit your good name and victimize your customers.

You took the right first step and put EV on your site. Now, explain to your customers directly what that means. You can put a written explanation on your site and into other customer communications like direct e-mail, direct mail, catalogs, invoices, and the like. This explanation can reinforce that the customer should look for the green address bar and your name...

Tim Callan | 27 Dec 2007 | 2 comments

Well, it's the time of the season when people give to charity, either because they're in the giving mood or - if you're a cynic - because they're thinking about their taxes. Either way, when you're giving your money to a good cause you'd like to be sure it's going to the real thing and not some scammer. I first became aware of these fake online scams during the Katrina/Rita disaster, but I'm sure they went on before and after.

Therefore it's not surprising to see EV SSL on charity sites like The United Way. EV is also deployed on Entango, a gateway used by online charities for collecting donations. You can see it here on the Toys for Tots...

Tim Callan | 26 Dec 2007 | 0 comments

Okay, I got back from my vacation and installed Firefox Beta 2 today. Contrary to early reports, it does not appear to have any support for EV SSL included. I'll continue to look into it and let you know if my initial ten-minute squint at the product is wrong, but for now I think we need to await Beta 3.

Tim Callan | 21 Dec 2007 | 0 comments

Firefox 3 beta release 2 is available, and it has support for Extended Validation SSL. As covered earier by the SSL Blog, Firefox has some other SSL improvements built in as well. I just downloaded and haven't installed it yet. I'll get it running and let you know what I see.

Tim Callan | 10 Dec 2007 | 0 comments

Regular readers of The SSL Blog know that Extended Validation SSL has seen strong early uptake in the online investing space, as evidenced by early deployments by Charles Schwab and E*TRADE. Now you can add Scottrade to the mix.

Why so much interest among online investing sites? It makes perfect sense to me. These sites have high value customers that they want to retain, and they manage a high value financial asset that the customer considers important to keep safe. Their customers are juicy identity theft targets since they tend to have money and good credit. And of course the...

Tim Callan | 30 Nov 2007 | 0 comments

Regular readers of The SSL Blog will recall that some months ago I reported that saw an 8.6% reduction in abandonment using EV SSL Certificates. That research has now been written up in a full-fledged Extended Validation SSL case study.