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bduckering | 06 Nov 2009 | 0 comments
ENVY:  Wishing the environment was more flexible and dynamic than it is

Now that Windows 7 is upon us, a familiar dread is falling over IT managers around the world.  Staff levels are often barely sufficient to support daily maintenance tasks, leaving an OS migration to mean many extra hours and restless nights.  First comes application retesting in every conceivable combination (in multiple images), application license reconciling, and system and personality backups.  Then come the expected weeks and months of helpdesk calls and lost productivity, as users discover the many additional ways that their systems and applications may become unstable or unusable.  All of this anticipation leads to envy of a hypothetical flexible environment where applications migrate without a hitch, systems dynamically configure themselves to the logged in user, and there are no sleepless nights.

Today, dreams of...