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Happy International SysAdmin Day

Wishing Our Customers and Partners a Happy 15th Annual International System Administrator Appreciation Day!
Created: 10 Jul 2014 • Updated: 25 Jul 2014 • 19 comments
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Some heroes get a key to the city; some gain the glowing admiration of thousands of doe-eyed citizens, and others work long hours, across time zones (and maybe across time itself), keeping everything safe and running, with no recognition at all. These un-sung, undercover heroes are the SysAdmins, and, today, we the Symantec Connect community team takes a special moment to offer them the recognition that they deserve. Happy International System Administrator Appreciation Day!


The Contest

To celebrate, we’re inviting all of you SysAdmin heroes out there to take a minute or two out of your busy day of saving the world to tell us your top “woes” (humor is encouraged, and watch your “phrasing”) in the comments below.  For your woes, we “have something for that”--100 Symantec Connect rewards points to the first twenty commenters today (one entry per person, please)! Make sure to “vote up” your favorite suggestions. Symantec judges will select our top five favorites as winners to print on a special Symantec System Administrator Appreciation Day T-shirt (which we will also be giving away to those commenters whose suggestions are chosen). Read full contest rules here.

To kick things off, here are our “Top 5 SysAdmin Woes” from our Reddit audience:

  1. “Just because it's an electronic device with buttons, doesn't mean I can or should fix it. I did not attend VCR and TV repair school.”
  2. “Saying ‘It doesn't work’ doesn't help much. Use several nouns and verbs… even a colorful metaphor or two would be nice.”
  3. “Yes. I adore you for waiting until 4 PM on Friday to bring me a problem we could of resolved earlier in the week. Good times. </sarcasm>”
  4. “We never get to ‘clock out’. Even while on vacation, we get those calls… “HOW DO I PRINT?!””
  5. “Things would go much smoother if folks would approach our desks with offerings of Legos or Chocolate before launching into the latest urgent plea for help because of an accidental file deletion.”

Check out the interview with SysAdmin Day founder, Ted Kekatos, and get the scoop on the story behind the day.

We feel your pain! Thanks for everything that you do.

Happy Sys/Storage/Server/DB Admin Day,

From all of the Symantec Connect Community Managers



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Andy Welburn's picture

“Yes. I adore you for waiting until 4 PM on Friday to bring me a problem we could of resolved earlier in the week. Good times. </sarcasm>”

Please don't - I've only got 90 minutes left of a very boring Friday & you can just guarantee that this will happen!

Best that springs to mind so far: user requires a file restored, not sure what it was called, where it was located nor when it went missing - what chance do we stand? (Altho' having said that we probably did manage to 'sort them out'!)

Happy SysAdmin Day! heart

***EDIT: 3:50pm on Friday (so a little grace I suppose) but would you believe it actually *did* just happen?!!

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jpellet2's picture

"Could you please ask the people sending me all of these email messages to stop? I am tired of clicking on all of their links!"

Got that one the other day....sometimes I want to crawl under my desk and cry.

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Lab Charles's picture

I could not do my job without system administrators. Happy International System Administrator Appreciation Day!heart

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SamTarr's picture

"Have you tried restarting your computer?" 

"Oh you want me to pull the cord out of the wall?"

"No, please go to..." 

"Ok I did it. What next?"

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Lab Charles's picture

"Is it plugged in? Did you turn on the power switch?"

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Justin Dybedahl's picture

I can't even count half of the woes I've had.  Then yet again, I can't remember half of them.  Then yet again, I love it when people can't spell or say Altiris or Symantec correctly.   Alterix and semantics is what I constantly see or hear.

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Mark_Solutions's picture

Last day in the office before going away for 3 weeks holiday (sooo need that!!) .. just trying to tie up all those lose ends, keep the customers happy and resolve the worlds issues smiley

Trouble is that is keeping me from my Connect addicton on my last day before holidays .. best get something strong to see me through the Connect Cold Turkey I am about to go experience ...... vin rouge should do the trick!wink


Just been pointed out to me the conflict of terms at play here today:

Starts well: International System Administrator Appreciation Day

Ends Badly: and are located in the United States, the District of Columbia (excluding Guam, Puerto Rico, and all other U.S. territories and possessions), or Canada (excluding the province of Quebec),


Authorised Symantec Consultant

Don't forget to "Mark as Solution" if someones advice has solved your issue - and please bring back the Thumbs Up!!.

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SMLatCST's picture

My personal favourite will always be "My account's locked out because the computer saved the password incorrectly".

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greg_zielinski's picture

"I just accidently sent this e-mail to all my outside vendors and need to recall it RIGHT NOW!"

Other favorites.

*Knock Knock*


*Walks into the office* - "Are you Greg from I.T.?"


*dead serious* - "I hear you know how to fix the coffee machine"

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Pagarodog's picture

Here is what I want:

I want to be able to backup some stuff every 2 months or 6 months or whatever...  Also, that should allow me to run a vault job every other month, like every day on every other month...

My favorite story as an admin is when a Post-Doc came up to me and said "I feel like some of my data is 'missing'."  

I tried to feign compassion, "Oh you must feel terrible.  How long have you felt this way?"

Post-Doc - "About a year now."

"Oooh, now I feel like your data isn't missing, its lost, but worse than that, we will never really know."

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Rafeeq's picture

On an RDP session with SEPM user, after unsuccessful login tries due to incorrect password.

SysAdmin : "The password is incorrect thats why you are not able to log in. let me run the resetpass.bat file and rest the password"

Admin : Yep, I have my credit card ready, should I read out the numbers.

Sysadmin : "lol" :)

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CraigV's picture

Trying to restore a site's data to a bunch of VMs that croaked when some electrician's apprentice pulled power to the rack, I was constantly getting cr@pped on from my boss about how useless Backup Exec was because it wouldn't restore fast enough.

Turns out that the LAN was 100MB, and after taking enough of this over a period of a couple of hours, I casually mentioned this as loud as possible, also indicating that an upgrade to a 1GB LAN had been turned down by him. Being embarrased in front of the rest of the IT staff ended up with me being congratulated once all the data was successfully restored...and he left me alone for the remainder of the restore!

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Lion Shaikh's picture

" SEC_RITY is not complete without U! "  SysAdmin....

Happy International System Administrator Appreciation Day!

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INT_RND's picture

"I could answer your question but there is a faster way to reach your goal"

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burndtjammer's picture

I actually had a pretty good one yesterday.  Sadly, it was from another admin.

Admin- I was RDP'd in to the server (which one??!?!?!?) and a window pop'd up and tried to re-establish connection. I let it go through the 20 attempts but it failed.  And then outlook couldnt connect on the desktop either.  Can you walk back with me and take a look?

Me- Sure lets walk down there. 

I sit in his chair, try to launch RDP, it fails.  Pull up CMD, IP address is 192... thats odd.  What is this even connected to?

Trace cable to wall, and reconnect cable.  Phone turns on.

Admin-"Oh yeah i forgot to tell you. I had to walk down to you because my phone wasnt working either."


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dpratt210's picture

A server just shut down all of sudden one morning. After booting and checking the logs, a member of management sends the IT department a message stating "That in the future, we need to schedule these unscheduled shutdowns better so that we have time to save our work."

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Kimberley's picture

Thanks everyone for sharing your woes and stories -  these are hilarious!

Our judges have picked the five winners, who will receive a custom tshirt with our cool sysadmin logo on the front, and the list of 'oh joy's' on the back. You comment might be edited to fit on the t-shirt. Please watch for your shirts in the mail in the fext few weeks. Again, thanks to all for participating, and remember, it's only 361 days til the next SysAdmin Day!

And the winners are...

  • Andy Welburn
  • jpellet2
  • SamTarr
  • SMLatCST
  • greg_zielinski

Congratulations, and thanks to all of you for making us laugh, cry, and sometimes just feel downright sorry for what you've had to deal with in a day.


Here's the cool logo that's going on the t-shirt.

Thanks for participating in the community!

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