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discussion comment 04 May 2015
New forum discussion 04 May 2015
Hello everyone,    I just installed BE2014 in a VM client machine using Server2012R2 and discovered that I am not able to see my USB RD1000 disk from the BE storage. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
New forum discussion 29 Apr 2015
Hello everyone,    I have a old 64bit server with 2008 R2 installed on it with BE2012. We recently purchase a new 64bit server and installed win 2k12 R2 with BE2014. I will like to move all of the backup information for the past 3 years to the new server. What is the best and ...
discussion comment 30 Jun 2014
Aaron.23 commented on: Backup Issues
New forum discussion 30 Jun 2014
Hello everyone, I am using backup Exec 2012 on a W2k8 R2. I am having problem with one of my backups and cannot find where the issue is. anytime my full backup runs, it delete the previous full backup and create the backup for that day; eventhough, there is a lot of space on the backup disk. ...
New forum discussion 21 Apr 2013
Hello everyone, I hope someone culd help me with this. I am trying to install backup exec on a server running SCCM 2012 where i am running Endpoint protection. I already have SQL2012 running and i wanted to create a new instance for backup exec 2012. What are the SQL features I need to ...
New forum discussion 14 Jan 2013
Hello Everyone, recently I purchased backup exc V.12, I received a email from symantec giving me a serial number and a website "" I went to the website, entered my serial number and it displays the product that i purchased, once i click on the device i ...
New forum discussion 29 Sep 2011
After having some problems with my SEPM, i was forced to backup my database reinstall the program and restore the database. After all of this all looks well but i noticed that my clients lost tha little gree circle on the logo for the SEPClients which means that they are not clients any more ...
New forum discussion 29 Sep 2011
Having a strange problem! on the home page of the EPC, anytime i click to view one of the reports, the program tries to access internet explorer, then it starts opening window after windown after window, until finaly they all close without opening the report. The error that is displayed on ...