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New forum discussion 21 Apr 2015
Hello  We are trying to backup our linux RHEL 6 and we have symbolic links configured for few directories. For example. /Work directory is having a symbolic link under /username directory.  When we backup /Username folder it backs up the ...
New forum discussion 08 Mar 2015
Hello  We are using BE3600R2 and whenever we using WebUI we are unable to find details related to  Disk Raid  Battery It says No disk No Raid and No battery.  Please find the attached screenshot for more ...
New forum discussion 11 Sep 2014
We are running BE2014 and trying to backup Netapp FAS2240-4 OnTap 8.1.3. The backup job is in running status and shows only 1kb backed up. By online research found if we disable nic teaming on media server then we are able to backup netapp. However, this will reflect in all other backup ...
New forum discussion 13 Aug 2014
Hello  We are using BE2012 sp4 with latest hotfixes. We have 1 central admin server and 1 Managed Backup Exec server. We are facing some problem with the dedup folder on MMS server which is still holding the old information which should have cleared via DLM. PLease check the ...
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2014
We are planning to install BE2014 on a existing Win2008R2 server. We have a Exchange2013sp1 on Win2012R2 server. Just need to know if we can backup exchange2013 with ability of restoring individual mail items. 
New forum discussion 18 Jun 2014
Hello  I have a licensing query. Here is a list below with the licenses our company owns. Product: SYMC BACKUP EXEC 2012 SERVER License Serial Number: Mxxxxxxxxxx Support Serial Number: Mxxxxxxxxxx Quantity: 1  1. Product: SYMC BACKUP EXEC ...
New forum discussion 30 Mar 2014
Hello  We are trying to configure the oracle backup using BE2012. We have installed remote agent on our win2008r2 with oracle 11g. But while configuring oracle thru remote agent utility we are unable to see the oracle intance it shows blank. Please let us know if something is ...
New forum discussion 05 Mar 2014
Hello  We are using BE3600.2 and what we have observed that once we enable the RDP session using powershell it allows us RDP into it. But even after rebooting the appliance device the RDP is still working. We need to know how to disable that so that it only gets activated when we ...
New forum discussion 23 Jan 2014
Hello  We are using BE3600 device and using its webUI when we click on download updates it gives us error mentioned in the screenshot. If we try to install the windows update manualy within windows it works and BE2012 also able to run live update. Pleaes help.