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New forum discussion 10 Feb 2012
Hi All, Using the Prepare for Image Task I found that this task has CommandLine property which is used to initialize the sysprep settings and pass them to Client Agent handler. I've created a custom task and inherided from existing ...
New forum discussion 13 Jan 2012
Hi All, I have an issue with tokens on my SMP environment with SP 2. It seems the task parser is broken so that is why my tasks which are using the tokens do not works properly. I spent a lot of time to understand there is the problem and when I run a simple command script I got very ...
New forum discussion 28 Nov 2011
Hi all, I am working on implementing the custom TaskServerHandler library for SMP 7.1 platform. I've created the separate assembly and put the classes which implemented the necessary logic for my aims. My installation program set up the components on SMP environment and registered ...
New forum discussion 01 Aug 2011
Hi everyone   I have a problem running the inventory script task in PXE and Automation boot environment as well. I am using custom vb script in ScriptTask to collect the computer information and send it to the NS servcer. On production enviroment my task works ...
New forum discussion 30 May 2011
Hi All,   I am working with Symantec Management Platform 7.1 to manage computer resources i.e. create and deploy images and so on. Using  PreImgate and CreateImage tasks I created custom Create Image job. Now i need to use sysprep.inf ...
New forum discussion 15 Dec 2010
Hi All, I am working under deployment job and I need ability to retrieve some hardware information using ScriptTask with some custom WMI script. When i ran the job my fist task reboot the system, load PXE image from server and then set up the client plugins on target machine. The ...
New forum discussion 25 Nov 2010
Hi All, I am using Script task (command script type for example) on SMP 7.1 and i need to put some custom token to generate dynamicaly data when the script runs on target machine. I've tried to put some custom token into my Script task to check if it works well. But  I am ...
New forum discussion 27 Sep 2010
Hi, I am trying to create an image from virtual machine using custom job with Prepare for image capture and Create image tasks. I am using Altiris™ Deployment Solution 7.1 from Symantec User Guide documentation as reference documentation ...