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New forum discussion 01 Jul 2015
Team, We have taken a reference from Symantec web link about setting on the semaphore values in Solaris 10 servers. Could you please verify once and kindly suggest its backout plan on  solaris 10 ...
New forum discussion 09 Jun 2015
Hi Team, We have to replace DIMM on the passive node in which VCS services is currently not running.The cross over LLT cables   is badly hanged wih each other and Symantec engineer told us that he will manage the cable issue and no require to down the active ...
New forum discussion 01 Jun 2015
Team, Just a small question, Server X and Y are in cluster with shared DG Suppose  a server X shows appdg free space in 100GB and in Y server Disks are showing in deported state. Do the size of the appdg shows the same after importing it to Y ...
New forum discussion 26 May 2015
Hi Team, We have to replacement DIMM on the passive node in which VCS services is currently not running.The cross over cables LLT  is hanged in such a way that we need to move both boxes (Active and passive nodes).It requires downtime because we will also have to shutdown active ...
New forum discussion 22 May 2015
Hi, What will happen if we do  haconf -makerw and did not do haconf -dump -makero. Is it create a .stale file or what would be its impact? Thanks, Allaboutunix
New forum discussion 22 May 2015
How to freeze a system without evacuting Servive group? It means the requirement is only to freeze the system not required to move the servive group. Kindly reply urgently. Thanks.. Allaboutunix
New forum discussion 19 May 2015
Hi Team, I came across a DIMM replacement activity in one of our solars servers which are in cluster. Please assist before proceeding for teh activity shall i have to freeze teh service group OR DO i need to freeze the node? ALso, kindly guide the scenario, when we ...
New forum discussion 07 May 2015
Server is in contriol of Vxvm, We have to create a new filesystem wind_index1 in oradatadg diskgroup. Task to do : On Server sydney, please add a new mount point /wind_index1 of 91GB. Free size availavbe is 109 GB in disk group ora_datadg Below is ...
New forum discussion 02 May 2015
Hi, Suppose, a resouce got faulted in a SG and I need to make it online. Shall I have to do in this way? hagrp -clear <group> [-sys] <host> <sys> and then online the ...