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New forum discussion 29 Apr 2015
Dear Sir, We have a big PGP customer,they use whole disk encryption (drive encryption) managed by Universal server. We found the below issues when we installed PGP client to their Mac clients. So we need to chech something before we install PGP client on the Mac ...
New forum discussion 23 Apr 2015
Hello All, If I can use the putty to connect PGP Universal server.(Refer to the URL below)
New forum discussion 21 Apr 2015
Hi All, Does DLP support (VDI) VMWare view composer masterimage? The clients have their own the IP,account. How to deploy the DLP Endpoint agent to VDI clients? Thanks.
New forum discussion 27 Mar 2015
How to let the V-ray tier A (up to 6 cores) usage covered by V-ray tier B (+8 cores) license? Hi, We buy 10 V-ray tier B (+8 cores) license and have installed them. We found Backup Exec 2014 detected we have installed 10 V-ray tier B (+8 cores) license and use ...
New forum discussion 09 Feb 2015
Hi, How long will the Symantec Encryption Management Server purge the logs? Where can I set the purge interval and find the logs percentage of hard disk usage? If we can not set them,how can we backup and purge the logs? Thanks a lot.
New forum discussion 03 Feb 2015
Hi All, I want to block IDM file so I install DLP 12.5.1. I really can block IDM full match file but can not detect the partial match file and mail body or print. Somebody has the same issue? I install the all-in-one DLP on Windows server 2012 R2. Is the DLP ...
New forum discussion 02 Feb 2015
Hi all, I just upgrade the DLP to 12.5.1 and I import the DLP 12.5.0 Language Pack then I got the error ( reports incompatible version 12.5.0. The correct Language Pack version for this server is 12.5.1000) Where can I download the DLP ...
New forum discussion 29 Jan 2015
SKU Symantec Data Loss Prevention Network Prevent E-mail AddOn for SYMC Messaging Gateway Is it included the SMG client licenses or both the SMG client licenses and DLP Network Prevent for E-mail?
New forum discussion 14 Jan 2015
We uninstall the SDCS agent via add\remove program. When I reboot the machine and try to re-install the SDCS agent. It told us: error!An agent uninstallation requires ...
New forum discussion 11 Jan 2015
SEPM three sites replication 1.We have three SEPM sites (HQ and two Branch) in three locations.  HQ and each Branch connected with dedicated line. 2.Each SEPM site has it's own SEPM and DB,each SEPM has it's own client groups and clients. 3.We want the HQ SEPM ...
New forum discussion 29 Dec 2014
Our customer tested the PGP whole disk Encryption ( Drive Encryption ) and they buy the product now.  How can I change the PGP clients managed by Encryption Management Server (POC VM) to another one (new production)?  The clients are authenticated integration with AD ...
New forum discussion 22 Dec 2014
Hi all, We want to deploy DCS agent on ATM machines. We put a text file in the %temp% and the file include the agent name. We edit a silent install batch file with the AGENT_NAME and IPS_POLICY_GROUP agrument when we install the DCS agnet on the ATM ...
New forum discussion 21 Dec 2014
Hi all, If I config Symantec Data Center Security console login authentication with AD. And when I add the Directory Server by using the Domain ( not Host ). There are 4 domain control in the enterprise. Can we still login authentication with AD ...