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Andrea DelMiglio

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Andrea DelMiglio Symantec Employee

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New blog entry 11 Apr 2008
Symantec has been notified that the Web site, a site related to a right-wing Italian political party, has been compromised. The Web site is hosting a malicious iframe that leads to a typical browser exploit using the Neosploit tool, which forces an ...
New blog entry 01 Apr 2008
Symantec is tracking more and morehigh-traffic Web sites that become compromised and then used to spreadmalicious code. After the breach our MSS ...
New blog entry 22 Feb 2008
Earlier this afternoon in Italy hundreds ofthousands of people received an email from a “friend” stating(approximately) the following: You’re under investigation! Hide everything and be quick!!!Your name appeared this morning together with 150 more persons on ...
New blog entry 10 Jan 2008
The "referer" [sic] header is generallyused to track back-links in order to understand how a certain Web siteis being reached by its visitors (hyperlinks on other Web sites, searchengines, etc.) According to the
New blog entry 08 Jan 2008
As discussed in the past,cross site scripting (XSS) can be exploited by phishers to build reallyeffective attacks. Today we have analyzed another similar ...
New blog entry 05 Nov 2007
Anonymous proxy services are onlineapplications that enable users to surf the Web with enhanced privacy.These applications act as an SSL proxy between the user and the Website to be visited, thus masking the IP address and providingadditional privacy features, such as referrer hiding, ...
New blog entry 29 Oct 2007
As anticipated in my first blog post,email service providers play a central role in the battle againstonline fraud. This is because they are often the ...
New blog entry 30 Jul 2007
Since May, phishing attacks against Italian banks have been a visiblebut rather limited phenomenon. Most financial institutions reactedquickly, setting-up proper fraud management processes, educationcampaigns for end users and technical countermeasures since early 2006.But in the last three ...