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New forum discussion 31 Mar 2015
Hi, Installed Backup Exec Small Business Edition 2014 2 months ago onto a brand new Server 2012R2 server. This server also hosts a HyperV VM for Exchange 2013 and is backed up via the remote agent, of which i understand is covered by the SBS install licence as its a hyperv host ...
New forum discussion 16 Oct 2014
Hi, At my wits end with 2014 already. I have installed and uninstalled the software so many times in the last 2 days its untrue and still it wont work. To begin with it installed ok - I had 2 server listed (both the same server) and i could create storgae and a ...
New forum discussion 04 Sep 2014
Hi, Can somebody confirm that as with previous versions you can install Windows remote agents on other servers to backup files out of the box with 2014 without the need to purchase additional agents? Im just backing up remote files. No remote exchange/sql/linux etc - just boring ...
New forum discussion 07 Mar 2014
Hi, Im thinking of using SSR2013 to snapschot all my servers. I have 40 servers that i would like to take images of on a weekly schedule. Do i need to buy 40 copies of the software or does 1 licence cover X amount of agents? Thanks
New forum discussion 03 Oct 2013
Hi, added 2 new 2012 servers this week - last night was the first backup of them but the job completed with exceptions, tripping up on the 2 new Server 2012 machines. Backup - myserver1 - AOFO Inilization Failure on "\\myserver1\C:" . ...
New forum discussion 18 Jun 2013
Morning, Can somebody share with me how to backup a FreeNas box without the following errors and exceptions? Job ended: 18 June 2013 at 02:18:41 Completed status: Completed with exceptions Backup- SERVER Remote Agent not ...
New forum discussion 07 May 2013
Hi, FreeNAS 8.3. Server 2008 R2 Backup Exec 2010 R3 I am implementing a FreeNAS server onto my network for additional file storage. How do i backup the data in these shared folders on the FreeNAS box??? FreeNAS box is joined to my Active ...
New forum discussion 16 Nov 2012
I have been thrown into a new client who has Backup Exec 2012 installed. They still back up to an LTO Tape drive! I have spent all day trying to work out how the hell u put multiple servers into 1 job and i found my way to this forum and found out......YOU ...