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New forum discussion 26 Jun 2015
Hi all, We have many users need to export the archive to a PST, as the GUI wizard need serval step so it spend many time to export it one by one. Any command line or tools can export the data? Thanks Best Regards
New forum discussion 16 Feb 2015
Hi Our EV server harddisk have corruption (The EV server, not SQL). After running windows scan disk and fixed, it report some files may be lost or removed. How can I know the EV files status? Any tools can check on this? Thanks
New forum discussion 26 Jan 2015
The SEPM services will keep stopped. After we started the services, it can start but will stop again in a short while. From the event log, it have a 4096 error and the message is "The Java Virtual Machine has exited with a code of -1, the service is being ...
New forum discussion 30 May 2014
Dear all We have a problem on the OWA cannot open the EV archived attachment. The error meaage is:  "The archived item is currently unavailable" When click the error meaage, it will redirect to http 403 error page. We tried to reinstall the ...
New forum discussion 04 Mar 2014
Hi all Our EV server for exchange have some network and hardware issus, so now we want to backup from this server and restore data to new standalone EV server, and then export the archive to the .pst. What data we need to backup? Is it all relate database in SQL, vault ...
New forum discussion 27 Dec 2013
Hi,   I have a EV server work with 2 CAS exchange 2007 servers. All function is OK.   Now, I just added a addition CAS server in the exchange farm. EV function is OK but have problem on OWA when open archive attachment. If the ...
New forum discussion 21 Jul 2013
Hi, I just move the Enterprise Vault Database to a new SQL 2008 server by using this technote: ...
New forum discussion 10 Jul 2013
Hi, As my exchange server cannot search item, I need to rebuild the seach index in exchange server. However, any impact on EV8 if I perform this action? Can the archive still can access after exchange search index rebuild?  Thanks
New forum discussion 08 Jul 2013
Hi, To prepare the migration on EV8 to EV10, I just migrated the EV8 database from the SQL 2005 to the SQL 2008 base on this documents: