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New blog entry 12 Feb 2014
Code signing does two things: it confirms who the author of the software is and proves that the code has not been altered or tampered with after it was signed. Both are extremely important for building trust from customers and safely distributing your software. Why does ...
New blog entry 06 Feb 2014
We’ve written in the past about this subject but a recent conversation with a customer brought me back to this concept and whilst we often talk about the perils of an infected ...
New blog entry 06 Dec 2013
I’d like to share two webinars with you that we delivered this week The first was Attack of the Cyber Spies a webinar delivered as part of BrightTALK’s Hackers Summit which you can access here. The second ...
New blog entry 07 Nov 2013
While we rush online to buy gifts for our nearest and dearest, scammers are looking to make their wage from your online mistakes. Learn how to stay safe online while doing your Christmas shopping this holiday season. ‘I’m dreaming of a safe holiday season’ What ...
New blog entry 05 Nov 2013
For anyone intent on finding out exactly what the worldwide impact of cybercrime is now – and the price we are all paying as it penetrates every corner of the global markets – there can be no better starting point than the 2013 Norton Cybercrime Report
New blog entry 27 Sep 2013
Your website is your window on the world – ...
New blog entry 21 Aug 2013
Ciphers have been in use since around 3,000B.C., but their importance and relevance for information security has really come to the mainstream with the growth of the Internet and the escalating volumes of data exchanged on line every day. The history of ciphers and encryption is a ...
New blog entry 05 Aug 2013
What a summer of sport it has been. We’ve witnessed in our millions the British & Irish Lions rugby team triumphing in the Rugby Union Test series in Australia; Chris Froome winning the 100th edition of the Tour de France; Missy Franklin taking a record sixth gold at the Swimming ...
New blog entry 29 Jul 2013
Nick D'Aloisio hit the headlines recently by selling his Summly app to Yahoo for an estimated £18 million, which is not bad at all when you consider he is ...
New blog entry 25 Jul 2013
There are deep and disturbing sides to the Internet where businesses should fear to tread, if they want to keep themselves safe. So called ‘dark’ search engines, for example, certainly need to be approached with extreme caution. Take
New blog entry 18 Jul 2013
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New blog entry 16 Jul 2013
I hope you read my last post on the bad advice that some sites give their users. As a follow up, I thought it would be useful to highlight what some of the errors you might see online actually mean, and what is happening in ...
New blog entry 03 Jul 2013
Dans mon cercle d’amis, je suis de facto l’expert en sécurité/informatique. C’est pourquoi, la semaine dernière, l'une de mes amies m'a appelé pour savoir comment réagir au message ci-dessous qu’elle rencontrait pour ...
New blog entry 03 Jul 2013
Vorige Woche rief mich eine Freundin an. (Meine Freunde halten mich für ihren persönlichen IT- und Sicherheitsberater.) Diesmal wollte sie meine Meinung zu der unten abgebildeten Nachricht hören, die sie noch nie gesehen hatte. Wie Sie sehen, weist die Nachricht darauf hin, ...
New blog entry 03 Jul 2013
A friend of mine called me last week (I’m the de facto security/IT guy in my circle of friends) her question was what to do when faced by the message below as it was something she’d not seen before. The warning message as you can see below says that the site may no longer be ...
New blog entry 17 Jun 2013
You know just what a boon SSL can be to your business when it comes to keeping your transactions safe, ensuring that your sensitive information – such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and login ...
New blog entry 29 May 2013
Das Certificate Authority/Browser Forum hat alle Zertifizierungsstellen aufgefordert, die Unterstützung für RSA-Zertifikate mit 1024-Bit-Schlüsseln bis zum Ende dieses Jahres (2013) einzustellen. Hiervon sind sowohl SSL- ...
New blog entry 29 May 2013
Vous n'êtes certainement pas sans savoir que le Certificate Authority/Browser Forum a enjoint les autorités de certification (AC) de cesser toute prise en charge des certificats RSA de 1 024 bits, tant pour ...
New blog entry 29 May 2013
A estas alturas, seguramente ya sepa que el Certificate Authority/Browser Forum ha ordenado a las autoridades de certificación que dejen de admitir certificados RSA con claves de 1024 bits para SSL y firma de ...