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New forum discussion 11 May 2015
Hi, Every morning while machine boots up, symantec scan is running in the machines making the system terribly slow. Is there any way we can stop the scan during machine startup ? Regards, Anish
New forum discussion 24 Feb 2015
Hi, We have around 3000 computers installed with 12.1 managed sep client and one SEPM server. It is found that the machines are seen contacing directly to the interent for downloading updates instead of only contacing sepm server. The hit is to the url ...
New forum discussion 23 Nov 2014
Hi, Our network team has made some changes in the proxy server by blocking download access in the form of exe, zip etc. After which , sepm have stopped getting updates from symantec as a result all the client machines have gone out of date for last 10 ...
New forum discussion 11 Nov 2014
Hi,       A month before I encountered 'Query Failed' error in Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Small Business edition. After rebooting the server the issue got resolved. Now I am facing the same error in another server. I need to know the reason for 'Query Failed' ...
New forum discussion 10 Nov 2014
Hi, We are getting some mails like "jessica - my new photo". Our branch users are opening and clicking on the zip file attachment after the machine is getting hanged and all windows are getting minimised. All our branch computers are updated and symantec is not helping to remove that ...
New forum discussion 28 Oct 2014
Hi,        I have inserted a new tape cartridge for taking backup which need to be retained forever. So I created a new Media set with Infinite - Dont allow overwrite(Overwrite protection period) and Infinite Allow append(Append period). I ...
New forum discussion 12 Oct 2014
Hi, I have installed Symantec Backup Exec 2012 small business edition running on Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise edition. It was running fine all along and today morning i found an unusual message "QUERY FAILED" in storage tab which was kept on Backup Status(current media) to see the ...
discussion comment 12 Aug 2014
New forum discussion 12 Aug 2014
Hi, From last 2 days, we are getting error message that the recycle bin on d drive got deleted. Please empty recycle bin. Initially it was beleived to be occuring in a single machine but later found to be prompting for other machines also. Please help. Regards, Anishk
New forum discussion 14 Jul 2014
Hi, We were having initially sepm 12.1.671.4971 which didn't support win 8. We have downloaded and installed unmanaged clients for win 8 build.  Now, we have upgraded to sepm 12.1.4100.4126. How can we change existing unmanged win 8 clients to managed clients ...