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New forum discussion 27 Mar 2013
We are trying to create an image of a Lenovo-M82 Windows 7 computer.  We are using GhostCast server These are new windows 7 installations.  The GhostCast session starts normally and gets part way throught (79% and once 99%) and then errors out with a "an internal ...
New forum discussion 22 Sep 2012
I am trying to Export a Client Install package  12.1.671.4971 using Symantec EPM.  It starts off gets as far as 'Retrieving the package data from the Management Server' and never finishes.  I have selected to create a single .exe and tried without that ...
New forum discussion 18 Jul 2012
I am getting a driver not found error for the SATA AHCI controller when creating an image using GSS version for a DELL E5520 Windows 7 x64.  I saw that someone mentioned a patch was available that corrected a SATA AHCI error in ghost.  Would this possibly be what I need ...
New forum discussion 12 May 2011
I am trying to create a Ghost WinPE Boot CD (iso) that will clone a workstation and then run ghostwalker on that station.  The CD I created run the clone piece fine and then just remains in a WinPE command window without running GhostWalker or restarting.  This is what I ...
New forum discussion 26 Apr 2011
I am trying to create a WinPE boot zip drive for a Samsung Q430 Win7 64 bit.  I have downloaded the vista drivers for the Marvel Yukon NIC that I believe it is using, selected all devices in the network and storage when creating the WinPe but still no go.  When it trys to boot from ...
New forum discussion 14 Dec 2010
Is there anyway to update the Applications supported when setting up a User Migration Template.  Many of the applications are several years old.  I.E. No IE8, Adobe readers, etc. Thanks Art
New forum discussion 18 Oct 2010
I am having the following error when I try to run an inventory/congifuration reset task from the Ghost Console. Any suggestions on what I need to do to solve this problem. The following information has been placed on the clipboard. Visit the Ghost forums at
New forum discussion 07 Oct 2010
I have finally got a CD created to ghost a Dell Latitude E6410 via a winPE CD after getting the right NIC and SATA drivers added.  When I created the CD I used '-ja=load' as an additional parameter.  When I start a GhostCast job to restore or create an image with the ...
New forum discussion 23 May 2010
We are having a problem trying install, uninstall or repair GSS on a 2003K server.  We get the error "[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified" and the processes terminates.  We had a problem with the Ghost Console, and ...
New forum discussion 20 May 2010
I am trying to push an image to XP SP3 clients from a GSS 2.5.1 (build 2266) and receive the following error : Failed to join Domain xxxx: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. The tasked completes all tasks successfully until the configuration task after the 'to ...
New forum discussion 11 May 2010
I am currently using GSS 2.5.1.  The Console is installed on a 2003K DC and all workstations are XP SP3.  I currently have images created and push via the console for all the workstations.  I use SYSPREP for these images and after the stations join the domain, we rename the ...