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New forum discussion 08 Aug 2014
Hello All, We have been having catalog backup issues for a long time and couldnt find the solution. The problem began when tape NB34567 got stuck in a drive and was damaged upon removal from the drive. The tape was not physical  available in the robot but it was ...
New forum discussion 14 Jan 2014
Hello all, I Have a problem with restoring 1 file, after 10 minutes, the restore job ends succesfully but it does not restore the file. I'm performing WINDOWS FILE restore, and when I select the FILE path for the restore, the restore will complete with a successful status. I'll go back to ...
New forum discussion 11 Sep 2013
1)How to backup Netapp NFS mountpoints sitting on a linux client to tape using netbackup 6.5.6? I have set up the policy for it but the backup failed with error code Cant not open file Error Permission denied=13.  This NFS is about 3 TB's worth of data. We will need to backup ...
New forum discussion 13 Aug 2013
Hi everyone, I have an environment with Netbackup on Linux hat currently makes backup of several EMC Cellera and NetApp NAS to Tape Library. We are looking to improve our backup infrastructure for backup/restore performance. I will like to know if the NDMP Accelerator ...
New forum discussion 12 Aug 2013
Hello Experts/GURUs, Our one of the RMAN database job has failed and when we tried to get the help from oracle and have recommend us to follow the below documentation. We are using Netbackup 6.5.4 and can't upgrade any further. Our HPUX master server current version does not ...
New forum discussion 02 Aug 2013
Hi All, I have a question. I have my legacy backup system running NBU 6.5.4. We are planning to upgrade the LINUX OS for the media server which is currently running version Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.3   x86_64 GNU/Linux. IS NETBACKUP 6.5.4 ...
New forum discussion 18 Jul 2013
Hi All, I will need to dump the data for two BIG ORACLE databases to tape. Each oracle db backup holds around 14 TB. We have a quantum tape library with 4 LTO4 tape drives. What properties do i need ot set on the policy/media to use the tapes until they get full? I dont want to spanned ...
New forum discussion 09 Apr 2013
We have some files that were backed up on LTO2 tapes and we need to restore the files using our CURRENT LTO3 tape drives . The restore failed. is there a way to temporarily configure the LTO3 tape drive to read the LTO2 tapes? Thank you
New forum discussion 01 Apr 2013
Hi All, Currently I am migrating two media servers from our legacy netbackup environment to the new Netbackup environment 7.5.4: Windows 2003  media server which is currently version 6.5.4 to a new master server(Linux) which is at 7.5.4 version. It is attached to a ...
New forum discussion 06 Feb 2013
Hello. I am creating a new NB environment, with one Master and multiple media servers. two  media server were  set up with an MSDP pool for de-dupe. Each MSDP pool has 32 TB. I will like to add the existing current tape library to one of the media servers. The ...
New forum discussion 24 Apr 2012
We're using Netbackup 6.5.6 on a hp-ux and linux (master and media server) for backing up our Netapp FAS 6220 with ONTAP 8.0.7 snapshot volumes. But we noticed that since a few days we're having problems doing full incremental backups on one of the volumes that contains snapshot ...