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New forum discussion 18 Jul 2014
Exchange DAG 2010 transactional logs truncation not working. Firstly,Is instant recovery backup same as full backups for Exchange DAG.I need a clarification on Instant Recovey Backup. Attached is my configuration from the Exchange clients DAG members group for trncation of ...
New forum discussion 06 Nov 2013
Hello House, I am planning to install VCS 6.0  HA and DR with VVR on windows in my office. We have two data centres (production and DR) and there will be replication from production to DR. I have implemented similar project before on UNIX (Solaris) Global Cluster ...
New forum discussion 23 Oct 2013
Hello House, I have done a lot of research work on implementing NBAC in my NBU environment (GCO with VVR from prod to DR)but looks very complicated . What I want to achieve is below: -Some users must not be able to cancel job/jobs -Some users must not be ...
New forum discussion 23 Oct 2013
Hello House, My environment is such below : BEST BACKUP SELCTION PATHS FOR RECOVERY IN A BIG ,DYNAMIC AND VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT. What is the best way to backup all require data without having to always check for changes done like migration, ctreating new volumes and ...
New forum discussion 09 Oct 2013
Hello Honourable House, Please I need an advice on how best to zone tape drives both LT0 and VTL on SAN to media servers HBA. I have a very large environent with database over 50TB and needs high IOS to backup within backup window. The OS guys are complaining of a ...
New forum discussion 08 Oct 2013
Hello House, I am doing fiirst import of LT03 media and it is hanging with "Media in use" ; "A pending request has been generated for this request , operator action may be required:No action : -I hope not changing the density of the LT04 drives to hcart3 for use ...
New forum discussion 08 Oct 2013
Hello House, Could some assit to give a checklist to restore data from backup taken to LT03 media using LT04/LT05 drives. I need this to povide critical data backup data taken then with infinite retention. Many thanks for all