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New forum discussion 02 Sep 2014
Active Directory is require to connected with SEPM, how to combine? After connected all the group of Active Directory will be reflect on SEPM or is it require to add manually? What of the work group clients, will it be shown in SEPM or not?
New forum discussion 01 Sep 2014
I have install the dlp agent on client. It reflect the error to remove the old version of dlp agent first for install it. I also do that and applied to uninstall it but password not be accepted. Any solution for install it?
New forum discussion 27 Aug 2014
My site server is 12.1 ru4 and client version is 12.1 ru4 mp1. We planned to upgrade the server in new version. As googling i have found new version is 12.1 ru4 mp1b. If it is latest can i start the download or any other new version avialable? i appreciate if ...
New forum discussion 04 Jun 2014
How can i import the new version client packages in my exisiting server? Existing version is 12.1.4 and client which i require to add is 12.1.4 mp1, How to import?
New forum discussion 28 Mar 2014
Symantec Clean wipe tool require to remove the symantec client, where i can find it?
New forum discussion 18 Mar 2014
I have upgraded the version with 12.1.4 on symantec server, now time to update the clients. Clients count is 5000 divide in 7 group from which one is server group, How can i update it?
discussion comment 10 Mar 2014
New forum discussion 03 Mar 2014
I have change some modification in application and device policy. My last policy was configured as application base to block the usb and i was found some case where usb able to access. So i have followed online documents and set as device base policy to block it. Problem ...
New forum discussion 02 Mar 2014
Last time i have configure the live update to download the defintion, it download the 3 time definition from symantec and consume the more bandwidth. I want to change this setting and schedule it to download once a day and it download at lunch time(2:00 pm) otherwise at non bussiness ...
New forum discussion 05 Feb 2014
I am find the best and latest succesful version to upgrade my server from 11.6?
discussion comment 16 Jun 2013
New forum discussion 16 Jun 2013
I am finding the solution to change the location of /symantec from Program Data to other in vista system?
discussion comment 16 Jun 2013
New forum discussion 16 Jun 2013
I have configured the old date defintion notification. I have recieve the clint information which no update from last 5 days. 25 systems i have switch on and it updated and 10 systems are pending. Clients are online, no disk space issue. These clients are not recieving ...
New forum discussion 16 Jun 2013
I am trying to find the save logs file location in windowxp. Where it can save in Window running Symantec Endpoint 11.6?
discussion comment 13 May 2013
New forum discussion 13 May 2013
As I am unable to update definition through liveupdate,I am Currently manually downloading the definition but it is not feasible every time, How can I configure it  liveupdate.