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Job Title: ITO Solution Design - System Engineer
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New forum discussion 13 Aug 2013
Hi! Anyone can advise to me about Symantec products which serves to asset management and inventory? Thanks,
New forum discussion 12 Jul 2013
Hi! I'm using a Backup Exec 2012 Version 14.0 Rev. 1798 (64-bit), and have configured with the following (capture) schedule : When I check the ...
New forum discussion 03 Jun 2013
Hi, I have create a new backup exec logon account on the Manage Logon Accounts, with the correct credentials. But, i could not connect into Backup Exec 2012 server by using the new logon account with the following additional information : "Unable to connect ...
New forum discussion 23 May 2013
Hello! I get issue about Backup Exec Server 2012 version 14.0 rev. 1798 (64-bit), from my customer. The server have always failed to backup recently. When I open the console, at Backup and Restore it showing 6 Active Alerts with the ...
New forum discussion 22 May 2013
Hello All, I'm getting issue about Backup Exec Server 2012 version 14.0 rev. 1798 (64-bit), from my customer. The BE Server have failed to backup, then showing error code E0009B61. And then, it showing alert is reported in the Event Viewer's Application Log with Event ...
discussion comment 14 May 2013
New forum discussion 23 Apr 2013
Hello, I have a new risk issue that happened on my clients. All Ms.Word (.doc) files that exist on the hard drive, has been turned into .exe format files. When I check the SEP 11.0 that installed on my clients, it's no showed any symptoms of the risk. I've trying scan by ...
New forum discussion 21 Mar 2013
Hello! I have an issue with my SEP 11.0 client. After the SEP has complete installed on the client machine, then always show "Preparing Install Symantec" message from Windows installer on the desktop client. How i can fix this problem? Can you tell me a solution, ...
New forum discussion 07 Mar 2013
Hi, I'm using SEPM 11, and I want to set the policy to block a new hardware device on the SEP client machine. Suppose in this case i want to block the usb modem device, and i have to get the device ID by using DevViewer tool. Then, how i can input the device ID into Device ...