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New forum discussion 16 Sep 2009
I realise this is partially covered by policies but for us they don't work well. I have approx 20 backup jobs that I want to run at different times during the backup window. These jobs run to a Backup to disk folder so create B2Dxxxxx.bkf files. Due to physical space issues I set the jobs to ...
New forum discussion 03 Sep 2009
I have a backup server with a large capacity disk subsystem as my backup server. This contains one backup to disk folder. Every night i run multiple backup jobs that use this folder and overwrite the existing media (B2Dxxxxx). This creates a folder with approx 15 files in it. This server also ...
New forum discussion 23 Jul 2007
I am running Buex 11d Ver 11 Rev 6235 on a windows 2000 box. This used to run version 10 but was completely rebuilt when 11d was loaded (i.e. it was a clean install of both O/S and Buex). I am trying to catalog and then restore some data from various pieces od media that were created under ...
New forum discussion 29 May 2007
We are running Bacup Exec 10.0 Rev 5520. Recently I had reason to re-build the server and therfore re-install Bacup Exec. The re-install seems to go go fine and I added all the relevant license keys for the remote agent, SQL, Exchange etc. I notice that the options for echange and SQL are ...
New forum discussion 18 Apr 2007
I'm having a bit of a strange problem. I have installed BUEX 10.0 on a Windows 2003 Server and although everything seems ok, I don't seem to be able to back up the local machine. Looking at any selection list it says that "Computer Name. Not selectable because some sub-items ...
New forum discussion 17 Jan 2005
IDR is driving me mad!!!!!We are trying to set up a system with a central backup server backing up remote servers using BE 9.1. This all works fine and we can even make bootabke IDR images that waill start the Recovery process off and will even "run" a restore job on the media ...