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Job Title: Sr. Systems Engineer @ Intuitive Technology Group

Over 15 years experience in IT, seen and worked almost every field. Own the AZ Jeep Club, love to off-road and enjoy the outdoors. Also own Fly to the Web LLC, a website development company. The best of both worlds, on the cutting edge of technology at work, and off work back to the good ol' days fun outdoors!

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Authorized Symantec Consultant (ASC)
  • Endpoint Management Specialization (January 2011)
Symantec Technical Specialist (STS)
  • Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1
  • Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 / CMS 7.x
  • Symantec Control Compliance Suite 10.0
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1
  • Symantec Management Platform 7.1
  • Symantec Network Access Control 12.1
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New article 26 Oct 2011
I have been using Altirisic Solutions HIIS (Hardware Independent Imaging Systems) software for quite some time now and love the ease of use and ROI that it provides due to not having to manually load or collect and inject drivers. For those of you who image a lot, know this is the most time ...
New download 13 Oct 2011
This script needs to be saved as a .VBS and it should work fine. The only modifications it will need is for you to put in your OU for your workstations you would prefer to run the script on and you are all set to run it. Run the script as an administrator to the local machines or it will not ...
New article 13 Oct 2011
I am sure many of you whom use DS 6.X experience times where there are computers that are on the network, but are not showing up online within the Deployment Console. The following will explain how to fix this and avoid it from happening in the future. Part 1: Getting ...
New article 12 Oct 2011
For those of you who have problems connecting using the Deployment Console Remote Control feature, I would like to show you how to fix this for when it happens. Sometimes Remote Control will connect and just have a black or white screen showing no desktop, and sometimes it will say ...
New article 11 Oct 2011
You may have had a computer in the wrong class a time or two before in which the wrong drivers came down and the computer would not boot. In most cases, when this happens you would just go into HIIS, put the machine in the right class, then send the Image job back down to the computer ...
New article 11 Oct 2011
I could not find anything already on Symantec in regards to working with HIIS so here you go! Scenario 1: A PC that already has the correct operating system and drivers installed. Technique 1: Take a few minutes to put an AClient onto the system. Once it ...