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Symantec Accreditations

Symantec Technical Specialist (STS)
  • Symantec Backup Exec 2012
  • Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows
  • Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for Windows
  • Veritas Cluster Server 5 for Windows
  • Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1 for Windows

Symantec Certifications

Symantec Certified Specialist (SCS)
  • Administration of Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.0 for Exchange
  • Administration of Veritas Storage Foundation 5.0 for UNIX
  • Backup Exec 10.0 Administrator
  • Data Protection Administrator for Windows using NetBackup 6.5
  • Data Protection Designer for Windows using NetBackup 5.0
  • Data Protection Implementation Specialist for Windows using NetBackup 5.0
  • Data Protection Professional for Windows using NetBackup 5.0
  • Data Protection Troubleshooting Specialist for Windows using NetBackup 5.0
  • High Availability Administrator for UNIX using Veritas Cluster Server 5.0
  • High Availability Designer for Windows using VCS 4.1
  • High Availability Implementation Specialist for Windows using VCS 4.1
  • High Availability Professional for Windows using VCS 4.1
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New forum discussion 16 Jul 2014
OS: SUSE Linux; VCS: 5.1 NBU: 7.1 clustered Master Server in own SG scenario: Nagios regularly starts diverse CLI commands on NBU to check for e.g. long-running jobs, nbemm still responding etc... It seems that these checks stop VCS from doing a switch/failover of the NBU SG. ...
New forum discussion 30 Jun 2014
NBU 7.1; Using script to relabel tapes in a library (don't ask me why - it'sa customer thing); getting erros of trying to mount media "awaiting resource..." and then retrying..." Question: does ltid have to run on the Master Server even if the job is done on a media server (and the ...
New forum discussion 27 Mar 2014
NBU Version 7.5, Unix MasterServer; W2K8 R2 OpsCenter Server. Other reports return the appropriate data, but the above, nothing. Fiddled time frame, to no avail... Any input?
New forum discussion 07 Feb 2014
Hi folks, I have tried a number of times to recover a remote computer via BE2012's offline (i.e. bare metal) SDR, but never got it to work. There is no single point of failure - in every scenario (different customer sites) it stopped at a different point: 1. no trust ...
New forum discussion 17 Sep 2013
Hi folks, the recovery work beautifully until the point where the actual recovery should start: Server and backups sets are visible and can be marked, but when you start the recovery process, nothing more happens. The Appliance shows a recovery job for the temporary server, but ...
New forum discussion 11 Sep 2013
Hi folks, I have two 3600 R2's , have promoted one to CAS w/o problem, but trying to make the other a MBES  (steps as outlined in Admin Guide) gives an error after entering the CAS Server: the SQL instance complains about invalid credentials for the SQL DB. I made sure the ...