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New forum discussion 27 Jan 2015
I cannot get a direct answer to my questions from our Symantec Licensing Specialist, so I am asking the question here.  We are on Enterprise Vault 11. We no longer use Enterprise Virtual Vault/Vault Cache.  We only use Enterprise Vault so we can archive our journal ...
New forum discussion 23 Dec 2014
Since Enterprise Vault 11 no longer relies on MSMQ, does that mean ufter upgrading to EV 11, we can uninstall it from the EV server?
New forum discussion 28 Oct 2014
Not sure if I am missing something... I have spent some time digging through the management console and on the forums, and the help file but I am struggling to find a way to allow a Download Insight exception.  The trouble seems to stem from the fact that it is an internal application ...
New forum discussion 26 Sep 2014
Sorry to be a pain but I find this so frustrating...  I'm trying to get my EV 10.0.4 environment upgraded to version 11.x I started by following the recommended procedure of upgrading our CA and DA servers to CA 11 and DA 11.  That went fine.  I now want to start the ...
New forum discussion 12 Jun 2014
Good afternoon, I've had a Symantec DLP 12.0 Enforce server running in our EV 10.0.4 environment since October of last year.  We had setup and tested a very basic Attorney-Client Priveledge policy shortly after and had success with running it in test mode. Right now, the ...
New forum discussion 07 Apr 2014
I was able to successfully deploy Symantec DLP/DCS in our existing environment with Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 and have been able to successfully test a rule with Enable Classification Test Mode. The rule is actually really simple.  I'm using the Enterprise Vault Data Classification ...
New forum discussion 05 Feb 2014
So, I was looing for information on how much of an impact EV 10 may have on Exchange Server 2010 disk queue length and came accross the forum discussion below.
New forum discussion 16 Jan 2014
Unfortunately, we are required to send some information off today on an existing case or I would spend more time researching this ahead of time... We have some emails in a case that we would like to print or export, including the BCC information.  However, when you select the ...