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New forum discussion 04 Oct 2012
I am setting up a SMG appliance in the near future and am a bit confused on how best to configure the appliance.  I am going to define the appliance as a combined Control Center and Scanner and the Scanner will do both inbound and outbound scanning. I will use both of the ethernet ...
New forum discussion 14 Jan 2011
We are currently running EV 8 against Exchange and are very slowly rolling it out at a client site.  I was walking the client through the process of adding a new user to EV, enabling the mailbox, and kicking off the archiving process and then assisting with follow-on issues. One ...
New forum discussion 16 Jun 2010
I moved SEP Small Business Edition ( v12) to a new server with a new IP address today, following this document:
New forum discussion 19 Mar 2010
I have an EV user created that "powers" my EV 8 server ( username is EnterpriseVaultUser ) - everything works fine when logged into the server as this user.  However, if I log into the server as domain Administrator and try to launch the Administration console, I get the ...
New forum discussion 03 Mar 2010
So I changed the location for the shipping service and am now getting an error when searching through the browser and attempting to add to the basket.  Here is the event log error: The Shopping Service did not create the shopper's subdirectory under the expected root ...
New forum discussion 03 Mar 2010
 Am running EV 8 on a Win2k8 Server with SQLServer 2008 going against Exchange 2k3 on a Win2k3 server.   I am still in pilot test mode and have my Pilot Mailbox policy set to move messages to the archive and not create shortcuts, which works great.  So now I have moved ...
New forum discussion 02 Mar 2010
I am still in pilot-test phase of my EV 8 implementation ( on a win2k8 server with sql server 2008 going against Exchange 2003 on a win2k3 box ).  I archived my test account, then restored all messages back to the Inbox.  I then deleted the archive and disabled the account.... ...