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New forum discussion 12 Jan 2015
Hi I'm just looking for information about possibility to cluster BE 2014 server and its deduplication option ?? First of all it ' is supported or not ??  When I look in too BE 2014 SCL there is no clear info about that. Does it make sense at all ??  while ...
New forum discussion 11 Aug 2014
Hi I’ve just setup  BE 2014 optimized duplication In CASO environment.  I created CASO server with dd and MMS with dd as well since it is requirement for opt dupe. I created backup job that use dd on CASO server and are replicated to MMS server. After that I ...
New forum discussion 13 Dec 2013
Hello I need to be sure whether optimized duplication from BE 2012 Deduplication Storage Folder to Netabckup Pure Disk appliance will work. BE admin guide and various tech documents says that optimized duplication is possible when we use devices from the same Vendor.
New forum discussion 29 Nov 2013
Hello I’d like to be sure how backup exec and its VM agent does backup of Vmware lazy zeroes disk. Does it  backup of unused blocks or not ? I realize that empty block are skipped but what about unused not zeroes blocks ?? In NBU Vmware policy there is ...
New forum discussion 31 Jan 2013
Hello I’ve setup Exchange DAG backup wit GRT enabled. The backup works fine, restore of whole DB also. We do a backup of 9 Exchange Databases ( in DAG) The problem Is GTR  restore – I’m able to browse user mailboxies only on one database. On ...
New forum discussion 25 Jul 2012
Hello I'm looking for detailed procedure how to do backup of Oracle Databse on Linux using BE 2012. I configured Oracle Instance using Agentconfig scrip, I'm able to exapand Oracle databse in the BE GUI. Always when I run backup I get connection error Final ...
New forum discussion 28 Mar 2012
Hello I'm trying to restore single message from  Exchanage DAG. At the end of the job I’m getting an error: V-79-57344-65280 - Unable to restore the selected Microsoft Exchange databases because one or more of the storage group's databases are mounted.  ...
New forum discussion 30 Jan 2012
Hello As I mentioned in the title I have problem with beremote.exe process. It crashes in the oracle cluster environment. When media server tries to connect and browse resources beremote crashes and I'm not able to force it to work. AFter I start it manulay it crashes ...
New forum discussion 27 Dec 2011
Hello  Recently new version  of SFW has been introduced it is version 6. Unfortunately I’m not able to find any information about licensing structure of SFW. IF some of You have such a guides – please share it. I'm carious to know if Microsoft ...
New forum discussion 13 Dec 2011
Hi I’m looking for information which encryption algorithm  is used for data replication between storage pools. I found out that some configuration file – topology.ini  - is encrypted using AES 256 . Does someone know whether the same method is used ...
New forum discussion 02 Nov 2011
Hi all I’m little bit confused  by license requirement for backing up Exchange 2010 DAG. I’d like to setup backup of Exchange 2010 DAG using VSS snapshot ( there is lots of information how to setup that including some VIDEO as well). The question is ...
New forum discussion 14 Sep 2011
Hello I'm looking for some recommendation about installing BE 2010 media server in Cluster environment ?? First of all is it officially supported by Symantec ? What kind of clusters are supported ( MSCS and/or VCS)  if any ? Pros and cons ? Will ...