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New forum discussion 25 Feb 2015
Using SEP 12.1.5...About a dozen of our Windows 7 SEP clients do not show in the SEPM console. What can cause this? The clients appear to be fine (no errors) and actively managed by the SEPM, since they are receiving regular definition updates and show to connect to ...
New forum discussion 12 Jan 2015
We have SEP 12.1.5 for Linux installed on RHEL5 (Tikanga), with Java 1.8 that is unable to receive update definitions from internal LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA). We have confirmed the LUA server has proper content since definition updates are currently being distributed on another ...
New forum discussion 16 Dec 2014
I have recently installed SEP 12.1.5 for Linux on some Red Hat servers, and are currently being managed by the SEPM. I have not been able to get definition updates to the servers yet. I've pointed the servers to my (internal) LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA), but the servers are not ...
New forum discussion 18 Feb 2014
With SEP 12.1.4013.4013, I am encountering extremely slow file copy between servers caused by the NTP Firewall. When copying a 2 GB file, with the SEP FW enabled, it is taking over 3 hours to copy. Once I disable the SEP FW, the copy happens fast (2 minutes). When I re-enable the SEP FW, ...
New forum discussion 13 Mar 2013
I'm trying to set up System Lockdown on our SEP 12.1.2 server, and am using HOWTO81094 for guidance. I've created file fingerpint list using checksum. However, when I try to import the list in the options for System Lockdown (under Approved Applications), I am unable to add the list. ...
New forum discussion 21 Feb 2013
We are running SEE 8.2.1 on Windows XP PC's, and are needing to uninstall SEE on a few PC's at a remote site. Is the a way to decrypt the hard drive in an unattended manner such as from the command line or as part of the uninstall? Thanks!!
New forum discussion 05 Feb 2013
On our Windows (all platforms) servers and PC's, running with SEP 12.1 RU2, some are randomly losing the Policy Serial Number in the SEPM console. After a week or two, the quantity gets quite large (dozens). I can correct by pushing down to these clients a Communication Update ...
New forum discussion 04 Jan 2013
For my SEP 12.1 RU2 environment, I'm not getting any results in the Unknown Device list. I have followed Symantec documentation to enable a Managed Detector, and set up notifications. However, on the main SEP Manager console page, under details, I have yet to see any Unknown Devices. And ...