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New forum discussion 04 Aug 2010
Hello, I have a SAV10 managed environment and a SEP11 managed environment.  I want to retire my old SAV Management Console but would like to be able to change the servers taht are being managed to be unmanaged clients.  Can anyone tell me how I can accomplish this?  I ...
New forum discussion 22 Jan 2010
I know that with older versions there was some issues when having both of these products installed... I just wanted to know what version of Doubletake do we need to be on to be compatiable with SEP11.  Also if there are any known issues that would be great info too. Thanks!
New forum discussion 28 Dec 2009
I had a request from a department that wanted to utilize the SEP11 scanning to detect if a machine is running a certain extention.  What would I need to do in order to get this done?  I would like to create a report that sends her a list of all the workstations that are running ...
New forum discussion 01 Dec 2009
I was just prompted to change the password for my Management Console.  Does anyone know how to turn this off I do not want to have to keep changing this. Thanks!
New forum discussion 10 Nov 2009
I have spent the whole day trying to figure this out.... I can not uninstall SAV9 without a reboot via command line. I have tried a little bit of everything and need some help: Things I have tried: MsiExec.exe /x{848AC794-8B81-440A-81AE-6474337DB527} /passive ...
New forum discussion 29 Oct 2009
Hello everyone... I have been having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to uninstall Live Update via msiexec...I am building a package that will detect the version of SAV you have installed and then kick off the msiexec that will uninstall the verion of SAV.  I do so ...
New forum discussion 19 Oct 2009
I have a request to use SEP11 on home computers...Can I manage this from my internal SEP11Server or am I going to have to put unmanaged clients on their boxes?  If it is possible how would I go about settign that up? Thanks!
New forum discussion 15 Oct 2009
I kicked off a Full Scan and I can Pause the Scan as a user but I can not find where to go to Snooze?  I have setup the snooze functionality in SEPMC but I cant seem to find where the snooze feature is...
New forum discussion 14 Oct 2009
I am having a problem finding what setting I am missing.  I have created packages for every Group that I have that include specific Centralized Exceptions and Policies but whenever I push to a workstation they always end up in my default Group under My Company and I have to ...
New forum discussion 14 Oct 2009
I have setup a Report with the following options: ·        Report name:  Computers Not Checked into SEPMC Server ·        ...
New forum discussion 09 Oct 2009
Reporting is very robust in SEP11 and I was looking for a best practices or a good recomendation of what report I should use. I want to run a report only on servers across all groups that lets me know when the server has stopped reporting to SEP over a period of time say two days or a ...