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New forum discussion 12 Feb 2014
hi guys i have installed 12.1 Ru3 on my windows server 2008 with aboout 150 clents deployed. no replication patner or anythng. now i m wishing to upgrade it to RU4 . i have researched and found many articales which involves all the same steps that is 1- backup DB 2- stop ...
New forum discussion 16 Sep 2013
hi guys  i am facing an issue. its that my disk space is always full. i havent installed any thing on my server accept SEPM and the total disk size i put is 100 GB. . i have reduced the log size, nothing is installed on it but still the space is low.because of this my clents are ...
New forum discussion 07 Sep 2013
hi guys i am facing a huge security issue and i want that in my webserver the trafic only use port 80 (in and out) and all the other ports block. i have bit idea that it can be done in firewall policy but i dont know how. kindly help i my antivirus server has windows 2008 server ...
New forum discussion 21 Aug 2013
hi all we had a SEPM 11.0.6 on a server and all the clients (about 150 ) on it. now we have deployed SEPM 12.3 on a separate server and wanted to shift all the user to that new server. so is there a way to shift all the clients from one server to the other.? as all the SEP clients are ...
New forum discussion 06 Aug 2013
hi guyz  i need help in an experiment. i have deployed a policy to stop anything from writing on usb flash. but i want to block only some specific applictaions from writing on the usb flash like pst  but open everythng on usb . so how is it possible?
New forum discussion 29 Jul 2013
hi Guyz  i m using SEPM 12.1.3 and i was wondering is there a way to block file sharing on ony IM specially skype Yahoo lync etc? also the browser based IMs?