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Robert Shaker

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Robert Shaker Symantec Employee Accredited

Status: Status update... - 30 Jul 2014
Job Title: CTO, Incident Response Services, Cyber Security Group

I spend my days working with our teams on ways to protect our customers and prepare for the future. Growing dynamic teams of people and helping to eliminate obstacles in the way of success are my primary goals. Great people without obstacles open the door to true innovation.

I look for people who want to achieve something spectacular, that reach deep within themselves and return with greatness. People who aren't afraid to fail, who can self realize and alter course and when I find them I work with them.

I strive to take advantage of every opportunity that the day presents me and excel beyond expectations.

Member for: 4 years 19 weeks

Symantec Accreditations

Symantec Technical Specialist (STS)
  • Symantec Technical Foundations: Security Solutions 1.0
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New blog entry 04 Aug 2014
When the kids at the schools where I speak ask me what I do for a living I don't tell them I postulate about quantifying the loss of opportunities when we delay a response to ...
New blog entry 04 Aug 2014
In my last post in this series I introduced Time of Incident Detected (TID) – Time to Call for Assistance (TCA) = Delta Time (DT) = Lost Opportunity (LO) and defined what TID and ...
New blog entry 01 Aug 2014
I’ve been involved in incident response for a long time; whether as a client, consultant or working for Symantec, and have seen something that has been pretty consistent over these many years: the time between a customer experiencing an incident versus when they finally call for assistance. ...
New blog entry 15 Jan 2014
Google’s acquisition of Nest brings back memories from an old blog post I wrote a couple years back. One that was pontificating on the great advances in IP connected devices; way past phones, video game systems, video cameras, televisions to coffee machines, home lighting and HVAC, vehicle ...
New blog entry 29 Jul 2013
Thousands of years ago, news traveled at the pace of man or animal. I mean to say you would only learn what someone else was doing or what was happening either in the next town, village, kingdom, etc. only as fast as it could physically get to you. It took days, weeks or months to learn ...
New blog entry 03 Apr 2013
Is it naïve of us to think we can ever be perfectly secure? Whether it’s physically or digitally there is always a risk that something bad is going to happen. To protect ourselves physically we install alarms, locks, buy safe cars, have automatic lights, cameras, firearms, ...
New blog entry 18 Mar 2013
It’s all your fault, really, it is. Whether it’s a lack of caring, naivety or a misunderstanding you executives of companies and leaders of agencies have helped to create an underground ecosystem for attackers to collaborate and coordinate attacks against all of us. It’s ...