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New forum discussion 22 Jan 2010
All, I've only recently started learning Altiris Notification server as it was sent down with my BESR 2010 upgrades. I'm a little lost on it, it all is looking very foreign to me,and Idon't know if the things I'm trying to do with it are being done right, or what. I've tried pushing ...
New forum discussion 22 Oct 2009
Having several issues backing up my clients. It's rather hit and miss, and haven't gotten consistent results with anything working more than a week or so. I have several VLANs with NAS drives set up in some of th VLANs. The computers are able to talk to the drive, I've verified that, and I'm ...
New forum discussion 20 Oct 2009
All, I have a system that is no longer in use, it was a lab computer that I had here for my own use. I had restored the system several times from an image so I have about thirty instances of a virus on it that keep showing up in the server, but I can't get the notifications to go away ...
New forum discussion 26 Aug 2009
When I try to do a restore from my server to a test workstation, it won't let me proceed past the point where you select the image to restore. All it does is give me a red X next to the recovery point when I select it, and it says under Recoverto location "target drive not valid." I ...
New forum discussion 11 Aug 2009
All, Trying to upgrade roughly 50 workstations with SEP (among other things) by the end of August and I need to know if there is a way to uninstall the Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition that is currently on these boxes before I install the SEP. I was thinking of using the Symantec ...
New forum discussion 05 Aug 2009
This is the situation I have, and being very unfamiliar with BESR  DE I'd like to get some insight on how everyone else is doing this, and what the situation calls for. I have one server that's temporarily backing up, or trying to backup to a drive on a server.  I've been able to ...
New forum discussion 30 Jul 2009
All, I'm not sure if this has been addressed yet or not, but if it has, please point me to the appropriate thread, my search found no results. What I'm having an issue with now is the digital certificate signed by the Easy Installer packages when BESR MC creates them. They aren't ...