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New idea 30 Aug 2012
Hi, we want to install packages (e.g. VERITAS Cluster GUI, VRTSexplorer or own packages) automatically via VOM on every VERITAS based server. Currently, it is not possible to install packages via VOM. The Workaround to write a dedicated script and use the Distribution ...
New forum discussion 29 Aug 2012
Hi, we want to install several packages via VOM "Deployment Management". e.g. the java GUI package for Solaris sparc. Is there a special naming convention or a dedicated foramt to upload and deploy a package? thanks! regards Björn
New idea 18 Apr 2012
Hi, some of our ressources in the cluster configuration are not critical. If this ressource fails, we do not get a monitoring message from VOM. VOM only monitores faulted servicegroups, but in this case, the servicegroup is partial online. Could you please implement a ...
New idea 16 Feb 2012
Hi, we want to have some custom reports, where we can select servicegroups, ressources, Types, State, Volumes, ... as we want. e.g. a report of all offline ressources of type application or all frozen Servicegroups. Or is there a way to get the information of ...
New idea 09 Nov 2011
Hi, currently, you can choose one object (ressource) to view the logs of. It would be great to take a look at the logs of multiple objects and define a time period (starting at , ending at). regards Björn
New idea 29 Aug 2011
Hi, I didn't found a monitoring method to monirot faulted VCS agents. 2011/08/27 18:20:22 VCS ERROR V-16-1-10008 Agent Phantom has faulted 6 times since August 27, 2011  6:14:52 PM CEST 2011/08/27 18:20:22 VCS ERROR V-16-1-10009 Agent Phantom has faulted 6 times ...
New idea 05 Aug 2011
Hi, if we got error messages in VOM, it would be helpful to open support case directly via VOM, so that you do not have to login to another webpage. The main information like error message, softwareversion, os version could be submitted automatically to ...
New idea 02 Aug 2011
Hi, we would like to customize the frame "Quick Links" at the start page of VOM with some additonal links like Favorites. regards Björn
New idea 01 Aug 2011
Hi, currently, you can only choose between predefined perios (6 hours, 24 hours ,....). It would be helpful to customize our own period:like "Jul 23 10:00 to Jul 23 11:30" to identify possible performance problems in this period. regards Björn
New idea 17 Jun 2011
if we take a look at the " Faults and Risks", we got the following fault: " Resource monitoring timed out in the group"   "fault entity"    "sg-name"  and "time" we have to take a look directly in ...
New idea 17 Jun 2011
it would be nice to have a "tree view of the servicegroups" (of a single cluster or the whole environement) like the vcs java gui. there should be a list of all servicegroups on the left. if you choose one sg, you should open the "ressource dependency" view of this ...
New forum discussion 08 Jun 2011
Hi, we want to create a report about all running servicegroups in a datacentre. We tried to create a Business Entity "DC1" and added all hosts in the DC. We created the report "All Servicegroups" with choosing the DC1, but all configured SG's were ...
New idea 08 Jun 2011
Hi, at the start page, you see the Top Fault and Risks of the whole environment. It would be helpfull if you could configure which events of which business entity you want to see. A filter by Business Entity would be helpful under Monitor -> Faults , ...