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New forum discussion 15 Oct 2014
Window 8.1 client support is available in altiris 7.5, so which of the pcanywhere version is compatible for the Windo 8.1?
New forum discussion 14 Oct 2014
My friend is working on small bussiness work where branches are on long distance but client is limited. So for the remote access of the systems they are require the bussiness software. So what they can purchase. Can pcanywhere is the best option here?
New forum discussion 14 Oct 2014
What is the configuration done to access pcanywhere on internet?
New forum discussion 14 Oct 2014
upgradation of altris 7.1 to altiris 7.5. Which the step for the upgradation and what the point i can be in mind to run the upgradation which can benefit me for the successfully upgradation?
New forum discussion 14 Oct 2014
How to shifting the SQL Database from one server to another database. Altiris - 7.1 SQL - 2008
New forum discussion 04 Aug 2014
Sepm upgradtion from 12.1.3 to last release. I have done the db backup and ready for the upgrade. So what the steps and version? What other things i can do if i can safe my self from the ugradation. Note - One replication server is installed.
New forum discussion 02 Aug 2013
Getting virus name while opening my internet explorer, any solution?
New forum discussion 01 Aug 2013
Guide document on installation of pgp cluster server
New forum discussion 19 Jul 2013
Avast install in one of my senior laptop. I will be install the symantec on it. Will it be work fine or any issue will be occur?
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2013
I am trying to block the songs extension, how i can do it? I am not disable the media player because .amr files are be accessible. User are unnecssory usage of this access. They can play the mp3 songs. I not be have the approval to clean the songs from all ...
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2013
I have install one new server. I am creating replication between both of server? how to do that?
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2013
I am trying to unblock the particular usb device, how i can do it? i am install the new printers of HP which is connecting with usb and common usb device. i am trying to enable for access?
New forum discussion 18 Jun 2013
I have upgraded Symantec Server in Latest Version. Now I syncronize Symantec Server with Active Directory Server. What is the easy way to sync?
New forum discussion 17 Jun 2013
I am trying to remove the out of date and duplicate entry from Server. what is the easy way to clean it?
discussion comment 16 Jun 2013
discussion comment 16 Jun 2013