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New forum discussion 15 Jul 2009
Hello, I have a collection of users that I need to create the same task for all in parallel. They are within a collection and I can create the task but my issue is being able to create all the tasks at once. I do not want to wait until a single user finishes their task before the next ...
New forum discussion 09 Jul 2009
Hello, Is there a way to generate a web service and have it invoked without requiring a return parameter? I have the process working but I need to have it invoke a few hundred user request tasks that can exist independently and be completed in parallel. The problem occur when I ...
New forum discussion 16 Apr 2009
Hello, I am trying to make the connection to a Sharepoint Services system to read tasks. I have generated the integration library and set it up but I receive the following message; The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized. the component comes back with this ...
New forum discussion 03 Apr 2009
Hello, I have a set of common services that I want to expose as a web service and call from different workflows. I can publish a web service, but I am not clear on how to incorporate a web service into other projects and retain the data that is generated. If anyone has experience ...
New forum discussion 03 Apr 2009
Hello, I have different distinct portions to my workflow and I have seperated it into three models in the project. I'm looking for the best method to go between them. Where do I find the URL/interface to go between models? Thanks Cary
New forum discussion 26 Mar 2009
Hello, I am writing text files and I have come across some unusual behavior. When I create a file that includes either a > or a < symbol the system substitutes the HTML substituation codes &gt or &lt into the text file. The files I am writing will not be used in a browser ...
New forum discussion 23 Mar 2009
Hello, I have text, html and images to combine together into a pdf file. I've tried using the HTML merge capability but it does n't render the image into the document. what would be the proper method for combining these together to make a document (PDF) that I can store as a ...
New forum discussion 23 Jan 2009
Hello, I am looking to have an RTF field on a composer page. I have not been able to find any componet that will allow me to do this. Does anyone have any options for me. They are found all over the web so I'm hoping I can use one. Thanks Cary