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New forum discussion 20 Aug 2013
Hi I am looking for a driver for OptiPlex 9020 and latitude 6540 that will work in a winpe 2.01 environment. We are currently using Altiris Deployment server 6.8 and waiting on the next service pack (not yet available) to upgrade our environment to winpe 3.0 In the past we have used ...
New forum discussion 02 Jul 2013
Hi all is there a way to search a delivery policy guid, using search does not help and I'm not sure if there is a report or if I can run an sql query to find All our computers have just started to show the following in Jobs/Tasks and they all show failed to complete for ...
New forum discussion 26 Jun 2013
Hi we have been having issues on the SQL server that our NS connects to the above error constantly appears in the event logs on the SQL server. Sometime ago symantec emailed me the following hotfix for it, I have since lost the original email and I need to know if the hotfix needs ...
New forum discussion 20 Mar 2013
Hi all, we are using DS6.9 sp4 and Opentftpserver. Since going from Dos boot images to winpe we find that that the boot image oftens fails to download. It starts downloading white progress bar at the bottom of screen and then stops  with boot image error. This happens randomly but ...
New forum discussion 04 Mar 2013
Just a couple of questions about patch management.   1. is there a way setting new patch updates to deploy to a test group without any intervention ie: at the moment the system downloads the updates overnight, the day after I create a new policy ...
New forum discussion 03 Mar 2013
How do I set up a package server so that if a package is not available on the package server it will download automatically from the NS. The issue we have is that some packages were set up not to go to a package server or the package itself has not been copied to the package ...
New forum discussion 25 Feb 2013
Hi we are experiencing high CPU usage by the altiris agent, this causes the agent to either freeze or very slow to download packages. Server: Windows server 2008 R2, NS Version 7.1.8400, 8000 clients Clients Windows 7, Symantec Management agent 7.1.15400.8400 Fixes ...
New forum discussion 17 Feb 2013
Hi is there a way to push out updates automatically to test groups without creating the policy etc. Eg. A critical flash update appears in the catalog, push the update to computers without any further intervention. Zero touch. We do the above with our WSUS server for a test ...
New forum discussion 12 Feb 2013
I have a package server that lists packages and associated ID's under the package server tab. I have found that packages that are listed as "Package last updated" on /12/20/2012 do not exist on the package server. Most importantly the "software Management Plug-in for ...
New forum discussion 22 Jan 2013
Hi we are having issues with the Symantec Management Agent on client PC's becoming unresponsive when downloading and/or installing lots of Policies. we work in a large teaching environment and it is not uncomman to send 100 applications to a newly imaged ...