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New blog entry 18 Jun 2015
Software Defined Storage is modifying the way storage is being consumed. With the increase of cores per server and server-side storage slots available, software is the key aspect to virtualize all those components and unlock the performance and capacities of faster networks and ...
New blog entry 29 Apr 2015
This year Rajagopal Vaideeswaran and I had the pleasure to represent Veritas at the Data Storage Innovation Conference in Santa Clara. This is the second edition of this conference and it provides great content and trends from different storage vendors. As we could see in the conference, the ...
New blog entry 29 Jan 2015
Symantec and Intel introduced a Solution Overview for a storage management architecture using Software Defined Storage and Intel PCIe drives with NVMe support in another blog entry. The ...
New blog entry 24 Sep 2014
There are several aspects that prove that Storage Foundation is an enterprise storage management tool that has been used for years on the most critical environments. Recently I had the opportunity to use the NetApp EF550 all flash array with Storage Foundation Cluster File System (CFS). Both ...
New blog entry 05 Aug 2014
Version 6.1 for VOM (Veritas Operations Manager) has been released recently. This new version brings management capabilities for Cluster File System and Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) ...
New blog entry 26 Jun 2014
Flexible Storage Sharing provides great capabilities to reduce capital and operational expenditures. In a previous blog entry I was describing how to commoditize high ...
New blog entry 09 Jun 2014
In the article Commoditizing High Availability and Storage using Flexible Storage Sharing I described my first attempt to create a two node cluster based on Flexible ...
New blog entry 27 May 2014
It was during this year VISION conference in Las Vegas when I got a very interesting question from Mike. He was running my Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) lab and he asked me: “So Carlos, with FSS I can use internal HDDs and provide a highly available service, commoditizing the HW and avoiding ...
New blog entry 03 Feb 2014
Remove the Rust: Unlock DAS and go SAN-free white paper explains how Symantec and Intel can bring high availability to an all-DAS environment through intelligent software and ...
New video 16 Dec 2013
Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) is a new feature for Symantec Cluster File System 6.1.  FSS unlocks internal storage utilization by providing high availability for internal or DAS storage and the applications running on those servers. FSS will provide internal storage resiliency by ...
New article 11 Apr 2013
Implementing fast recovery scenarios outside a single data center may become complex when using VMware environments. Most customers love the idea of using Data Stores as the way to provision storage to the Virtual Machines. The challenge in those environments is how to hold a copy of the data ...
New article 11 Feb 2013
Storage Foundation Cluster File System (CFS) provides several advantages over a traditional file system  when running in a VMware guest OS.  The primary benefit is that multiple virtual servers (up to 64) using CFS can simultaneously access data residing on the same physical ...