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A Techee guy, Likes Fun and Play Outdoor sports

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New forum discussion 29 Oct 2014
Hi All, I am trying to add a CIFS share in the index location but unluckily i am unable to do so just wanted to check with you guys if that is actually possible does EV supports writing index data to CIFS share. I have EV 9.0.2 and EV 10.0.4 2 diffrent EV site and i am planning ...
discussion comment 10 Jun 2014
event comment 10 Jun 2014
New forum discussion 10 Jun 2014
Hi All, Just wanted to know if EV 9.0.2 is compatible with Exchange server 2010 Sp3 as we are planning to implement SP3 in our prod enviroment and wanted to make sure that it does not break EV.
New forum discussion 05 Jun 2014
Hi All, I migrated my SQL server 2 weeks back all is working fine except the reporting feature in CA, when users try to run the report it fails and gives error. The current action cannot be completed.The user data source credentials do not meet the requirements to run ...
New forum discussion 20 May 2014
Hi All, I am noticing a strange issue in our enviroment, Schedule mailbox archiving is not happening for mailbox which are moved from one Exchange database to another or server to another server. But when i perform a run on that mailbox the archiving starts again. EV 9.0.2
event comment 19 May 2014
New forum discussion 18 May 2014
2 days back i migrated my SQL server from old to new hardware and hence had to reconfigure the Journaling infra Compliance Accelerator / Discovery Accelerator Server. Everything looks fine until today morning i noticed that in CA/DA client under report tab i would get an error ...
New forum discussion 30 Apr 2014
Hi All, Need your expert advice i am planning to move my CA\DA Journaling Database to new SQL server and i want to plan for re-configuration of the EV application side. Below is what i have a high level plan  1) Move SQL DB to new server (this will be done by my DBA ...
discussion comment 30 Apr 2014