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New forum discussion 21 Apr 2014
I wanted to know whether we can run complex queries using the field "Custom SQL query" in BVC-Oracle. So far I know that we can run queries like - select "columnName" from "Table" and then add a Field by the name which matches the "columnName" In other words - what are ...
discussion comment 20 May 2013
New forum discussion 17 May 2013
Just found out via a support case that there is no query migration utility for migrating BindView queries after 10.5 is upgraded to 11.0. Manually building the queries can be days or may be weeks of man hours depending on the number of queries in your BindView ...
New forum discussion 22 Apr 2013
While installing the windows agent for 11.0, I get option to install the message based data collection. I was going thru the connect forum:
New forum discussion 15 Apr 2013
We had a 10.5 installation with latency issues for CCS web dasboards. The dashboards look about 5 minutes to launch after typing in http://<servername>/ccs_web We usually restart the CCS services so that the CCS_web ...
New forum discussion 10 Apr 2013
I am using a SQL integrator which gives me data in format: user name, user email and has 10 rows. I need to iterate thru this SQL output and send emails individually to the above 10 users. For ouput I am expecting that workflow will send email to user1 from row1 then move ...
New forum discussion 27 Mar 2013
I am trying to find how I can re-send email in workflow if user does not access the weblink sent in the email - within one week after the email was first sent. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Chaitali
New article 20 Mar 2013
How to Troubleshoot in scenarios where the Bindview schedules fail. Scope: This technical article is applicable to the following items which are scheduled: - Queries in RMS (Windows, Unix, Oracle, SQL, Exchange) - Tasklists in RMS (Windows, Unix, ...
New forum discussion 19 Mar 2013
The Send Email component gives me error - Requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found. Is there any initial configuration required to be able to use the Send Email component.
New forum discussion 07 Mar 2013
I have 2 CSV files on my local machine. File A contains: Group Names, Group Owner names File B contains: Group Names, Group Member names I want to send email to the group owners. The email should contain their respective group names and group member names. Any ...
New blog entry 20 Feb 2013
Issue: When a result of a Collection Evaluation Report job is exported in CSV format, the cells break - giving a non-uniform report output. Cause: When the evidence of the failed checks is large, Microsoft Excel cannot handle the large character count of an individual cell. ...
New blog entry 20 Feb 2013
How to report on an agent based Unix Server hosting multiple databases Desired reports: - Reports from the Unix Host - Reports from DB1, DB2, DB3 Refer to the diagram below: