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New forum discussion 25 Jan 2015
Hello all, It is urgent to remove/clean out patches and cached files on legacy windows servers that have limted space for system file drive C:. Would you please help to advise how to manually remove them correctly and if Altiris SMP 7.5 has a way to set it for Altiris client SMA ...
New forum discussion 07 Jan 2015
Hello everyone, Would you please advise on what Altiris client SMA services/processes should be up and running, correctly set to automatic/manaul or disabled, please. I see AeXagentSrvHost service, Altiris Monitor Agent servcie, AltirisAgentProvider service, etc., but do not quite sure ...
New forum discussion 30 Jun 2014
Hello everyone, Would you please advise which Altiris process call the shutdown (auto restart) of the windows 2003/2008 servers when patching and a specific patch requires restart? I often see AeXNSAgent.exe and sometimes see winlogon.exe. I know for sure that ...
New forum discussion 05 Jun 2014
Hello, I desperately searched the internet for Altiris exit code -2145124329, but found none related thus far. It must be meant something as an Altiris exit code. Would you please help to give some clue of what potentially happened, please. I have 11 failed patch installation, ...
New forum discussion 12 Feb 2014
Hello there, I attached the screenshot of the Software Update policy "Package Options" here. Would you please advise if I should uncheck the "Allow immediate restart if required" options in the Package Options? My concern and doubt are that if the first KB got installed and ...
New forum discussion 11 Jan 2014
Hello there, I have serveral windows servers (2003 & 2008) scheduled to be installed with November and December 2013 patches which have some patches require server restarted to be effective and installation completed. Most of servers are finshed smoothly. Some servers are stuck at ...
New forum discussion 12 Dec 2013
Hi there, I have scheduled some windows servers to have July - August 2013 patches installed on Feb 1st, 2014 (2/1/2014) at 00:30 AM - 3:30 AM. I just found out to day that these subject windows servers had patches installed from 00:30 AM - 3:30 AM on 12/4/2013 (December 4th 2013) ...
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2013
Hello there, I know that I need KB2661254 (MS12-A07) which release around August - October 2012. I searched Bulletins and Updates, but not there. Would you please  advise on how to import it into SMP for deployment to Windows 2003/2008 servers, please? Thank ...