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New forum discussion 13 Mar 2012
Hi -- I have a newly installed Windows SBS 2011 Standard server running on dual four-way Xeon 3 GHz processors and 16 GB of RAM. For the past two and a half weeks since the server went online, it has been humming along running at most with a 10% CPU load (usually far lower than that). ...
New forum discussion 23 Feb 2012
Hi -- I have SEP 12.1 SBE (unmanaged) running on an SBS 2003 SP2 box. Whenever I run the Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard on the server, I get a Tamper Protection Alert from SEP targeting the ICW.exe process. I haven't been able to get this to ...
New forum discussion 16 Nov 2011
Hi -- I have a Windows XP Pro SP3 PC running the SEP client v 12.1.671.4971. This PC spits out daily SEP Tamper Protection Alerts, sometimes several at a time, referencing just about any program that's run on the PC. It's even spat out alerts for the SmcGUI app ...
New forum discussion 02 May 2011
Hi -- I installed the SEP 12 client on an upgraded PC running Windows XP Pro SP3. The PC had several hardware upgrades; at the time, Windows XP was reinstalled and SEP 12 was installed to replace SEP 11. This was about three months ago. Since then, this PC has been throwing ...
New forum discussion 02 May 2011
Hi -- I upgraded an SBS 2003 (SP2) box from SEP 11 to SEP 12 and I cannot get SPC working. It installs and configures, and then every time I try to log in I get the "Failed to connect to the server" error. When I check the status of the SPC Webserver service, it ...
New forum discussion 30 Jun 2010
Hi -- I was having problems with the SEP 12 client on an SBS 2003 SP2 machine that's also running the SPC for this network. Several quirky things weren't quite right -- plus, the client hadn't updated the virus defs in over a month, and LiveUpdate just bombed if I tried to ...