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New forum discussion 08 Jan 2013
Recently i have been asked to maintain the backup server running with netbackup we are using scripts to generate a daily backup status report as there are 30 jobs that run each day. just wondering is there a inbuilt report to trigger mail which consists of all backup ...
New forum discussion 12 Mar 2012
Hi, After installing SEP 11.0.7, access to VSS server is taking long time. FYI, AV7AS, PTP & NTP are installed on the client from which the user is trying to access. Thanks, Sridhar
New forum discussion 05 Dec 2011
Hi, What is the best setting for OPP in BE 2010? I have a problem with one of my backup servers, though i insert overwritable media, the system prompts to insert overwritable media. Currently i have 2 sets of tapes for MON-THU and the rotation is 2 weeks i.e if i  use a tape ...
New forum discussion 22 Sep 2011
I have Veritas Netbackup 6.5.4 and Exchange 2003 SP2. I need to restore a specific mailbox from a storage group. I have created the RSG in Exchange. When I select the required backup and click on restore, I get the following options. Please let me know which option I need to select. Also, do ...
New forum discussion 12 Jul 2011
Hi, I have a win 2003 server where in i can see multiple instances of SPSWrapper.exe running against the account that i use to backup using BE 2010 R2. Can some one let me know the reason? I have attached the screenshot for your reference. Thanks, Sridhar
New forum discussion 02 Jun 2011
Hi, I am currently experiencing very slow job rate with BE 2010. I have BESR 2010 which backups 25+ win servers every month on to its local disk. The local disk is an attched external stack (HP MSA 70 stack) consists of nearly 20 disks. This is again configured into 2 RAID 5 logical ...
New forum discussion 16 May 2011
Hi, I have BESR 2010 running with 15 clients at the moment. I have recently procured 10 additional licenses to add more clients, but the lic is referring to SSR 2011. I knew that SSR 2011 is formerly BESR2010. My question is how do i import the licenses to BESR 2010? Do i need to ...
New forum discussion 09 May 2011
Hi, I am using BESR 2010 to backup my entire server. I can see the Backp files and folder option greyed out when trying to backup remote servers, but enabled when try to backup the local riserver. Cant we backup files and folders of remote servers using BESR ...