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New forum discussion 27 Mar 2013
Hi, a sizing question - how many EV servers are recommended to archive a sharepoint 2013 system with 25TB of data with Discovery Accelerator ? at this stage i would estimate that 15-18TB of content would be archived thanks
New forum discussion 15 Mar 2013
Hi Guys i'm familiar with the process of moving partitons and updating SQL when moving from one location to another i.e. c:\stores to v:\stores etc however has anyone got any experience in moving EV archives from an object based storage system to regular presented LUNs ...
discussion comment 04 Dec 2012
New forum discussion 04 Dec 2012
Hi i've been experimenting with the OWA archive and restore buttons (rt click from OWA) enabled from the desktop policy and i need to set an expectation on what should be seen its around archiving singular mail vs mail chains i refer to a singular mail as an ...
New forum discussion 21 Nov 2012
Hi Guys we have a customer with EV 9 with current vault store partitions residing on iSCSI LUNs presented from a NetApp filer what are your thoughts / recommendations for using a CIFS share for any subsequent partitions ? OR using a new iSCSI LUN with the NetApp device ...
New forum discussion 31 Oct 2012
Hi the EV10 deployment scanner is showing the wrong number of CPUs - our EVserver is virtual and has 4 CPUs configured and these show within Windows the deployment scanner for EV10 shows 1 core and 2 processors !! however the EV9 deployment scanner shows the 4 CPUs as ...
New forum discussion 30 Oct 2012
Hi i need a solution to remove EV shortcuts from 100+ mailboxes once the export wizard has run our customer is removing EV functionality in a subset of their business, they have approx 100 mailboxes and wish to restore these mailboxes back to full mail and stop EV archivng ...
New forum discussion 24 Oct 2012
Hi we have a customer that wishes to restore a large portion of their mailboxes back to Exchange - i know that we can do this using the export wizard however is there a scripted method or a recommendation if doing a large number of restores ? thanks C